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How to draw Olaf and Sven from Disney’s Frozen

Walt DIsney Animation Studios has asked some of the talented artists to share tutorials on how to draw popular characters for fans to try on their own at home. Up first are Olaf, the lovable snowman, and Sven, the loyal reindeer, from Disney’s Frozen

Alright grab a sharp pencil with a soft lead (2 is hard 9 is soft) and some clean white paper then follow along as Frozen Animation Supervisor Hyrum Osmond shows you how to draw Olaf.

You may have also seen Osmond’s animation in Bolt, Tangled, Zootpia, and Moana to name a few. He’s also the nephew of Donny Osmond. He’s been known to post drawings of Olaf to his twitter account including this one last spring

Did you know that Osmond managed to sneak in a tribute to his cousin Donny into the animation for Frozen? Watch Prince Hans during “Love is an Open Door” said Osmond in an interview

“As kids we kind of would mimic the Osmonds — the lifting of the arms, the closing of the eyes, and the belting out that note,” Osmond said. “And so I kind of put that into Hans at a moment in ‘Frozen.’ 

The goofy and loyal Sven is a fan favorite. Here Frozen 2 Animation Supervisor Michael Woodside shows you how to draw the reindeer.

Woodside has been doing more tutorials over on his own YouTube channel including: Mushu, Winnie the Pooh, Baymax and Mickey Mouse! Go check them out

Is there a Disney animator in you just waiting to get out? Give these tutorials of popular characters from Disney’s Frozen movies a chance and you may find that drawing is an open door to a hidden artistic ability. 

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