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How to draw Mickey Mouse from the 1920s

Mickey Mouse drawing

He’s the original original. The Mickey Mouse from the late 1920s sprung from the minds of Walt Disney and his lead animator Ub Iwerks. With the help of an animator’s talent and skill, a few simple shapes became the most-beloved character in the Disney kingdom. Now you can learn how-to draw Mickey Mouse and maybe start your career as a budding animation artist.

A new series of ‘Learn to Draw’ videos from Disney’s team of character artists is starting with this early classic Mickey Mouse profile. Character artist Stephen Ketchum has easy to follow instructions on how to draw your own Mickey, just like Walt’s animators would have done back in the late 1920s.

Watch out for a few special guests too:

It’s easy to get started. Grab some paper and a sharp pencil and try it yourself. Then share your results with us on our social media channels.

I’ve done this character portrait before with other Disney artists and the hardest part is getting that first circle right. So don’t be afraid to practice a few times with light lines before filling in with a darker pencil.

There will be more videos teaching how to draw Mickey through the years in the coming weeks.

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