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Learn to Draw Flash the sloth from Disney’s Zootopia


Flash, Flash. Hundred Yard Dash. It’s not that often a sloth is the breakout star of any movie, yet Walt Disney Animation Studios managed to pull a it off in Disney’s Zootopia with Flash the sloth. Now you can learn how to draw Flash from the talented hand of Cory Loftis, the art director for characters in Zootopia.

Loftis drops some fun information about character design for Zootopia’s menagerie of animals during the video, so even if you don’t plan to get out your pencil and paper, this video is worth a watch:

I love that they gave Flash the same hairstyle as director Byron Howard. If you draw your own Flash, I hope you’ll share it with us over on Facebook.

A DMV staffed entirely by sloths is one of the better jokes in the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, the scene pays off completely different than what you see in the trailer.

Are you planning on seeing Zootopia in theaters this weekend?

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