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Learn to Draw Nick Wilde from Disney’s Zootopia


While Walt Disney Animation Studios may have moved exclusively to digital animation after “The Princess and the Frog,” characters are still rendered in traditional hand-drawn animation style during th early portions of the movie’s development (and for various promotional projects). For Disney’s “Zootopia,” it happens that co-Director Byron Howard is a former animator with a soft spot for Disney’s fox characters. His development of the Nick Wilde character helped make “Zootopia” the breakout success it is today.

I’m very excited to see that Howard is featured in a new video teaching us how to draw Nick Wilde at home.

I love how you can see Jason Bateman come through in the eyes, and yet Nick is still both distinct and tied to the history of Disney’s animated foxes. I think I even spot a little Wile E. Coyote in the smile there.

Break out you pencil and paper and give Nick a try then share your attempt with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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