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How to Draw Anna from Disney’s ‘Frozen’

Anna is the younger sister in Disney’s mega-hit sisterly-love-saves-all movie franchise “Frozen.” Fans of her character can now grab some paper and a pencil and get ready to learn how to draw Anna in this new video tutorial. 

Your instructor is Hyun-min Lee, who was the animation supervisor for Anna in “Frozen 2.” She’s intimately familiar with every line and nuance of Anna’s character, which makes this a unique video in the new Draw with Disney Animation series.

Unlike some of the other ‘how to’ tutorials, this is a very detailed tutorial that will help those with some skill already become better and give those who want to get a start some insight into the process.

Hyun-min Lee talked to syfy about the evolution of Anna’s character from Frozen to Frozen 2.

“We really tried to keep our focus on making sure that they stay true to who they were in the first film. But also, we wanted to show everybody who they’re maturing into as they go into this new journey,”

I don’t know about you, but I feel like Anna’s journey is not over. I’d love to see a third Frozen film as she learns to rule the kingdom of Arendelle. 

Did you give it a try? Be sure to sign and date your drawing and then share it with us on Facebook!

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