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SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Parks Say Good-bye to Plastic Bags

SeaWorld continues its brand makeover to focus on conservation with the next logical step – eliminating plastic bags from its theme parks. This move will keep 4 million plastic bags out of landfills annually, a great change since paper bags … Continue reading

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Annual Walt Disney World Bird Count

You may know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes great care in caring for the animals in the theme park, but did you know that the animal care team also has responsibilities for every animal in Walt Disney World. Yes, even … Continue reading

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SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team releases loggerhead sea turtle

In a year of bad political and economic news, I love to report stories like this. Animal care experts from SeaWorld Orlando released an adult loggerhead sea turtle yesterday morning at Lori Wilson Park just south of Cocoa Beach, FL. … Continue reading

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Chimpanzees Receive Emergency Support from the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has acted quickly to meet the needs of the Jane Goodall Institute and the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance who are working to protect endangered chimpanzees in Africa. Disney’s ties with Jane Goodall go back to … Continue reading

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Disney’s Animal Care Chief elected VP at AZA

Dr. Jackie Ogden is the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Vice President of Animals, Science and Environment. That means she’s in charge of all animation programs across the Disney parks and resorts. As such she plays an important role in … Continue reading

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