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Cute Alert: Baby White Rhino with Disney Roots

Update: The baby now has a name – Obama. You remember those two white rhinos sent to Uganda from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Well now the first white rhino born in 27 years has come from one of those animals. Congratulations to Disney’s Animal Program and… Read More »Cute Alert: Baby White Rhino with Disney Roots

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund announces awards


Continuing a tradition that started with Walt Disney’s nature films, the Walt Disney Company has announced that the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has awarded grants for 67 Conservation Projects Worldwide.

In celebration of World Environment Day, Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) today announced the funding of programs that will support more than 90 species and promote habitat conservation in 33 countries. The 2009 DWCF grant recipients will receive almost $1.5 million for efforts ranging from protecting Pakistan’s majestic Snow Leopards, to following the migration of Magellanic penguins in Argentina to reintroducing endangered Whooping Cranes in eastern North America.

“Creating a positive ecosystem impact is a key goal of The Walt Disney Company. The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund is a natural extension of that philosophy, enabling leading environmental organizations and scientists to address some of the most critical issues facing animals and ecosystems around the world. We applaud these deserving recipients and are pleased to play a part in their efforts,” said Dr. Beth Stevens, senior vice president, environmental affairs, The Walt Disney Company.

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Disney aids IFAW quest to provide relief to Koala, other wildlife, harmed in Australia Brushfires

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) announced it is providing support to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid with immediate relief to Koalas (above) and other surviving wildlife affected by the recent bushfires in Australia.

Due to record-breaking heat, the state of Victoria was hit with hundreds of bushfires that have caused massive destruction and is responsible for the deaths of more than 200 people and left nearly 7,000 people without homes. Estimated damages exceed $500 million and have left much of the local wildlife without a sufficient habitat. IFAW, working with Help for Wildlife, has deployed a response team to assist animals such as koalas and wallabies affected in these regions. The team is diligently working to aid as many animals, both wild and domestic, as possible by participating in search and rescue operations, providing necessary treatment, food and vet supplies.

The Rapid Response monies will be used to cover transportation costs, medical supplies, veterinarian services, blankets, cages and food with the intent to rehabilitate the injured and release them back into the wild.

The DWCF is funded in part by guest donations made while attending one of Disney’s theme parks.

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Sustainable Salmon Feeds Shamu at SeaWorld

Animal trainer Amber Cavett offers a piece of sustainable salmon for Shamu at SeaWorld Orlando.

Ever wonder where all that seafood consumed by SeaWorld’s guests and its wettest performers came from? Certainly not from the aquarium tanks. Although the Shark Encounter certainly looks to hold the capacity.

SeaWorld took a careful look at their sources for seafood and decided they could do more to be in line with their conservation mission. That’s why soon all of the seafood served to guests — and even the salmon fed to Shamu — will be purchased from sustainably-managed fisheries that promote environmentally responsible stewardship. This change affects more than 220,000 pounds of seafood and is on track for completion by early 2009.

Busch Entertainment Company, SeaWorld’s parent company, is working with the Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Certification Council in sourcing sustainable seafood options. Both are international, non-profit organizations that promote environmentally responsible fishing, fish farms, processing and food safety.

In partnering with the Rainforest Alliance, the parks also serve coffee and chocolate purchased from growers who meet demanding social and environmental standards. This global certification program ensures food is farmed and harvested in ways that protect wildlife, habitats and people.

Click below the cut for some other examples of how BEC is working to maintain its dedication to the environment.

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Disney’s Animal Programs improves Elephant Population Control

Back in April I wrote about Disney’s Animal Programs important work on Elephant vasectomies as part of my coverage of the 10th Anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney has recently announced that the team from Disney’s Animal Programs will be leading an international coalition of… Read More »Disney’s Animal Programs improves Elephant Population Control