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Castle Preview: 6-15 Smells Like Teen Spirit

We’re going back to high school on this week’s episode of Castle. And from the sound of things, the victim will be that one person we all wish would have died – the mean girl. So you’d think with someone like that being the victim,… Read More »Castle Preview: 6-15 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Castle Episode Preview: 6-13 – Limelight

After a couple more serious episodes, it’s time for something light. (Frankly, I’m a little surprised we didn’t get a light episode in the middle since that is the usual pattern.) And light is what we are in for with this week’s Castle. The mystery… Read More »Castle Episode Preview: 6-13 – Limelight

Castle Preview: 6-12 – Deep Cover

It really does amaze me sometimes how the writers on Castle come up with some of their plots. Take this week’s episode. We’re going to start with the murder of a video store clerk. Yes, it seems a little simple for an episode of Castle,… Read More »Castle Preview: 6-12 – Deep Cover

Castle 6-11 Preview: Under Fire

Every year, Castle returns on the first Monday of January, and every year it seems so early to me. But we’re at that Monday, which means we’re back with a new mystery to solve Monday night. The mystery involves a body found in a burned… Read More »Castle 6-11 Preview: Under Fire

Castle Episode Preview 6-9 – Disciple

While the show focuses on Castle and Beckett most weeks, they do give the supporting cast a chance to shine every once in a while. This week is Lanie’s turn, and it looks to be quite suspenseful. The murder victim that starts off the episode… Read More »Castle Episode Preview 6-9 – Disciple