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Mark Baker

Castle 6-22 Preview: Veritas

With the wedding coming up for next week’s season finale, they are switching things up a bit and giving us a more serious, suspenseful episode this week on Castle. And, naturally, it ties into Beckett’s mother’s murder. Off the books and on her own time,… Read More »Castle 6-22 Preview: Veritas

Castle 6-21 Preview: Law and Boarder

It sounds to be like we’ve got one last fun episode of Castle left before the season is over, and that episode is on Monday night. We’re going into the world of extreme sports The mystery revolves around an up-and-coming professional skateboarder who is gunned… Read More »Castle 6-21 Preview: Law and Boarder

Castle 6-20: That ’70’s Show Preview

We’re taking a groovy trip back in time on Monday night’s Castle. That’s right, after almost a month off, the show is back with the first of four new episodes to finish out the season. The mystery of the episode is going to revolve around… Read More »Castle 6-20: That ’70’s Show Preview