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Once Upon a Time 3-19 Preview: A Curious Thing


Very interesting episode last week on Once Upon a Time. Finally, Regina is going forward with Robin Hood. We learned how Zelena intends to break the laws of magic to change the past. However, that scenes I loved the most were between Mary Margaret and Regina. They forgiveness on both sides was very good to see. It gives me hope that the character growth we’ve seen in every one over the last season is truly here to stay.

So, what’s on tap this Sunday night? Well, Hook is going to be under more pressure to kiss Emma. Why? Zelena has cursed Hook’s kiss, and it will take away all of Emma’s power. Zelena will be holding Henry’s life in the balance if Hook doesn’t go through with it, too.

Meanwhile, I’m most interested in what we learn via the flashback to Enchanted Forest. We’ll once again be set in the last year – the year no one can remember. During that time, Snow White and Charming started searching for Glinda the good witch from Oz in a hope to find a way to defeat Zelena. Meanwhile, we’re going to learn who cast the new curse. I’ve been assuming that it was Zelena, but it might not have been. If so, why was it cast? Was it specifically to get Emma involved?

We’ll get some answers to that question this week, and I’ll see you at Carstairs Considers afterward for a full recap.