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Disney Springs Construction Update – April 2014 – Part I

New garage is rising on the Westside

New garage is rising on the Westside

Walt Disney World’s Downtown Disney is the main shopping, dining, and night time entertainment area for the resort. Over the years it has seen a few transitions, but current project promises change on a new scale – mostly upscale, as it turns out.

As part of Disney’s efforts to add more elements that appeal to families with, how shall we say it, extra-spending cash, Downtown Disney will become Disney Springs and bring with it new upscale shopping, high end dining experiences, and new entertainment options. To go along with the increased expectation in crowds, Disney is adding new parking garages as well.

I recently stopped by to grab some photos and video of the transition and was amazed at how much work is going on already. So much, in fact, that I’ve had to split this update into two parts.

Part one today looks mostly at the concept art that’s up around Downtown Disney and a few of the projects going on on the Westside of Downtown Disney. Tomorrow, we’ll dive into changes at Pleasure Island (soon to become the “waterfront district”) and the Marketplace (where Downtown Disney got its start).

Come back tomorrow for the second half of this update.

2 thoughts on “Disney Springs Construction Update – April 2014 – Part I”

  1. Thanks for the updates! We’re visiting in October and anxious to see how the construction will affect our visit to DD.

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