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Disney Springs Construction Update – April 2014 – Part II


Yesterday in part one of this update we looked at some fresh concept art and changes on the Westside of Downtown Disney as it transforms into Disney Springs. Today we’ll take glimpse at the area that will become the “Waterfront District” and the Marketplace Marina area.

Up first is a little video highlighting a few of the changes going on near the water front and marina areas.

Below the jump we have more updates in our photo gallery

Do you still plan to visit Downtown Disney even during the construction?

1 thought on “Disney Springs Construction Update – April 2014 – Part II”

  1. I stopped by for a morning a few weeks ago, and was surprised by how littler room the construction left – the walkways were very crowded, not as much due to the number of people being higher than normal but because they were being crammed through narrow spaces between temp walls.

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