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Episode Preview: Castle 6-8 – A Murder is Forever

Last week’s case brought Castle and Alexis back on friendly ground as they worked closely together to save an innocent man from being executed for a murder he didn’t commit. But this week Castle and Beckett are back on the case working closely together to… Read More »Episode Preview: Castle 6-8 – A Murder is Forever

Castle Preview: 6-7 – Like Father, Like Daughter

Things are tense right now between Castle and Alexis since Castle is treating Alexis’ current boyfriend, Pi, like a complete jerk. I won’t restart that particular fight here, but let’s just say I can see both sides in this ongoing debate. That’s why I think… Read More »Castle Preview: 6-7 – Like Father, Like Daughter

Castle 6-6 Preview: Get a Clue

I know I’m here to talk about Monday night’s Castle, but I’m still living in the glow of last week’s. So give me a few moments to talk about it. I mean, seriously, how great was Joshua Gomez as the time traveling suspect? He was… Read More »Castle 6-6 Preview: Get a Clue

Castle 6-5 Preview: Time Will Tell

We are five episodes into the new season, and we are finally ready for things to return to normal. Beckett is back at the 12th and all is right with the world. Finally. I think I will enjoy these early episode more in reruns, but… Read More »Castle 6-5 Preview: Time Will Tell

Castle 5-24: Watershed

When I realized where Castle was going with these last few episodes, I figured it would end in a couple of different ways. And they chose one of my options. Seriously, if you’d made me guess, last night ended how I thought it would. And I’ll be interested to see how they play out the cliffhanger next season. I mean, I know what will happen, but I am interested to see how the characters get there.

And also of note, this is the first season finale that hasn’t once mentioned Beckett’s mother’s murder. Of course, there isn’t much left to do there – just take down the Senator.

We’re going to discuss this in two parts. There’s the case of the week and then Beckett’s job interview. We’ll start with the murder.Read More »Castle 5-24: Watershed

Castle 5-23: The Human Factor

I’m back in town after spending a few days away and still trying to catch up. Yes, that is why my recap for Castle hasn’t been posted yet. I did get a chance to watch the episode on Tuesday.

And some of the details have faded, so this is going to be a bit more general than I normally do.Read More »Castle 5-23: The Human Factor

Castle 5-22: Still

Ah, the clips show. It used to be a staple of every long running show. Heck, Friends managed to do it every season starting with season four. But it seems most shows are getting away from it these days. Castle returned to it last night for a light take on what could have been a serious episode, especially in light of recent events. The result was a fun filled yet suspenseful episode.Read More »Castle 5-22: Still