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Castle 6-5 Preview: Time Will Tell

Castle 6x05-02We are five episodes into the new season, and we are finally ready for things to return to normal. Beckett is back at the 12th and all is right with the world. Finally. I think I will enjoy these early episode more in reruns, but I’m ready to be back to the familiar formula for the show.

Of course, our first episode back can’t be anything but a wild and crazy case. That’s what we’ll get when the prime suspect in the case claims to be from the future sent to our time to change the course of human history for the better. Can’t you just see Castle eating this up?

I’m really looking forward to this because Joshua Gomez is playing our time traveler. He spent 5 years as the best friend on Chuck, and I can just see him hitting his role out of the park. Heck, I’m sure he’ll be channeling much of Morgan, his character on Chuck.

Also of note to sci-fi fans is guest star Tim Russ who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager.

All told, I think this will be a great episode for those looking for a classic fun Castle episode. Catch it Monday night at 10PM ET on ABC.

And come visit me afterward to discuss what you thought.