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New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts


There are now 11 of the new Paul Rudish directed Mickey Mouse animated shorts available on YouTube. There will be 19 in the new series. So we have eight more to go. I really loved “Ghoul Friend” (Goofy Ghoul concept art above). Really a lot of classic Disney-gag style moments in there.

Say what you want about the retro inspired loose animation style, it’s nice to see life being breathed back into Mickey Mouse (even if Goofy is among the undead). Mickey spent so much time as a corporate icon, that many of us had forgotten what a wonderful character he is as well.

“Bad Ear Day” was another of my favorites from the recently released episodes. I think they’re really starting to get a feel for the series. Which did you like the best?

3 thoughts on “New Mickey Mouse Animated Shorts”

  1. I know these cartoons aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love ’em. Mickey is such a versatile character that these can co-exist alongside the more little kid-friendly Mickey Mouse Clubhouse version or whatever, and neither does damage to the other. Instead, it really broadens his appeal and reminds people that Mickey can be funny and interesting and does things other than appear on t-shirts and bedsheets.

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