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Episode Preview: Castle 6-8 – A Murder is Forever

Castle 6-8

Last week’s case brought Castle and Alexis back on friendly ground as they worked closely together to save an innocent man from being executed for a murder he didn’t commit.

But this week Castle and Beckett are back on the case working closely together to solve the murder of a relationship therapist. It looks like she was murdered because of something she learned from one of her clients – at least at first. But the case takes an interesting twist when they discover she had a rare and valuable item. Was that the motive?

The writers have done a good job of mixing up the tried and true formula of the show this season, but this one looks like more of a normal episode. While I’ve enjoyed the season, I’ll enjoy seeing a more familiar set up this week.

And I hope to see you afterwards at Carstairs Considers as I recap it.