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Castle 6-6 Preview: Get a Clue

Castle 6-6

I know I’m here to talk about Monday night’s Castle, but I’m still living in the glow of last week’s. So give me a few moments to talk about it.

I mean, seriously, how great was Joshua Gomez as the time traveling suspect? He was intense when he needed to be, but he was also so seriously funny, too. I knew he’d be great, but this was much better than I was expecting. It just might be my favorite episode of the show ever. This week’s episode has a hard act to follow.

But it sounds like they are trying since we’ve got another light, fun one on tap. The main plot is going to involve a murder that is going to take Castle, Beckett, and a gang off on a wild ride that writers compare to National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code. I’m always up for a fun caper, so this should be a good episode.

On the serious side, Castle and Martha will be going to visit Alexis and Pi in their new home. I have no clue where they are going with the Pi storyline, but I wish they’d develop him more. I mean he’s a fairly one note one joke character at the moment. I realize he just has a scene an episode if he’s lucky, but we did get a glimpse of something deeper in him. I’d like to see that just so when Alexis does break up with him, we feel something. I think it’s an opportunity wasted.

I’ll be comment more on this particular episode Tuesday night over at Carstairs Considers. Please pop over and share your thoughts.

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  1. Can we talk about the scene right around 26 minutes when he is looking at the images and his mother comes in. Do you notice that the time travel remote that castle has on his desk is there, and then when it cuts back at 26:58, it’s gone? pretty interesting in my opinion. Kind of hoping they bring up time travel again…. Would love to hear your thoughts. Email me if you decide to go into this topic! Would love to follow it.

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