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Castle Episode 6-4 Preview: Number One Fan


At the end of last week’s episode, Beckett got the news that she’d been fired from her job in DC. What’s the next step in her journey? I’m sure we’ll get a bit of a clue in tonight’s new episode of Castle.

But the main plot involves a hostage situation gone horribly wrong. The person holding the hostages is claiming to be innocent of a murder and wants to deal with Castle and only Castle. Looks like we’ll see Castle in his “Writer” vest again as a result. That always makes me smile.

I’m looking forward to this episode since the show has proved they can take an overly familiar plot device and put a fresh spin on it. The bank robbery episode from season 4 is a prime example, so I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this situation.

I don’t think that Beckett will be back at the 12th very quickly, so I’m also wondering how they will keep her involved in cases or get Castle involved in too many more period until she does. In the mean time, this has the trappings of a great way to move Beckett’s character forward and to be a great hour of television period.

The show airs tonight, Monday Oct 14th at 10PM ET. My recap will be up Tuesday evening over at Carstairs Considers.