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Castle 5-13: Recoil

You can count on two things during February sweeps. We’ll get another development in Beckett’s mother’s murder case and there will be a two parter. Last night, we got the first. It was certainly more serious than some, and I really enjoyed it.Read More »Castle 5-13: Recoil

Castle 5-12: Death Gone Crazy

You know, when I saw the premise for this episode, I was actually surprised. This is something that is just screaming for a Castle mystery, so I’m a little surprised it hasn’t been done already. But yeah, better late than never, right?Read More »Castle 5-12: Death Gone Crazy

Castle 5-11: Under the Influence

While it’s hard to argue with the fact that Castle is the star of the show (his name is the title after all) with Beckett right behind him, every so often, they do give the rest of the cast chances to shine. Last night’s episode was definitely a showcase for Esposito. Gates, Martha, and Alexis didn’t even appear. And the plot had some breaks in formula as well.

It started out like any other case. The opening scene is at a music release party, but the star is being upstaged at her own party by a young upstart who not only crashes but is releasing her own album the same day. After we witness this, we float to the DJ who puts a flash drive in her computer and then heads out after someone.Read More »Castle 5-11: Under the Influence

Castle 5-10: Significant Others

A divorce lawyer gets murdered the same week that Castle’s ex comes to town. Actually, I expected a bit more of a cross over between the two theme wise, but the show was still quite fun with a good mystery to boot. And I have to give my roommate credit for figuring out the big twist half way through.

The episode opens with our victim in a parked car. The back door of her car suddenly opens, she gets a horrified and shocked look on her face, and she is stabbed.Read More »Castle 5-10: Significant Others

Castle 5-9: Secret Santa

Nothing makes it feel like Christmas like a murder. (Okay, I’m actually reading a mystery set at Christmas time right now, and I’ve read plenty of others over the years.) Despite this being season 5, this is the first Christmas episode we’ve gotten of Castle, and it was a fun one. As my roommate will attest, I was laughing at lots of the lines over the course of the episode.

The episode opens in a not so nice way as a family is in a park making snow angels when Santa falls from the sky nearby dead. Talk about trauma for the child.Read More »Castle 5-9: Secret Santa

Castle on ABC

Castle 5-8: After Hours

Castle on ABC

While last week was a bit of an attempt to change the usual formula for the show, last night really change things up. It reminded me in many ways of “Cuffed” from last season, but it was still a well done episode.

It all started with a meet the parents dinner, or at least dessert. Beckett’s Dad has joined Beckett, Castle, and Martha at the loft. Martha has even made her one dessert, death by chocolate. Unfortunately, Martha and Beckett’s Dad aren’t really getting along. He insults her lack of seriousness since she is an actress, and then she turns around and calls baseball boring. (It is, but we won’t go there.) Castle and Beckett are relived to be interrupted by a phone call about a body.Read More »Castle 5-8: After Hours

Castle 5-7: Swan Song

I do not like the mockumentary/found footage style of story telling. It’s a reason I don’t like The Office. So you can imagine my reaction to last night’s Castle. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the actors did a great job of playing their characters as over actors. But the results made me cringe more than laugh. Plus there’s the shaky camera work, a style I hate. Fortunately, the murder was interesting.

And how did we get this set up? Well, the murder victim was the lead guitarist in a band that was just about to make it big, and a documentary crew had been following them for the last few months. Since our vic was the band in many ways, the director feels no one will be interested in this film, but maybe he can savage something by filming the investigation. (And of everyone on the crew, the director is the only one we see, although a few people do talk to the camera people.)

Castle is the first one to start hamming it up for the cameras while everyone else is more interested in shutting them down. Unfortunately, the PR person for the NYPD feels this will be a boost to the department, so they are given permission to film the investigation. As things continue, the rest of the department begins to get into the act. We’ve got Esposito and Ryan fighting to see who can show off more for the camera. Lanie calls Castle and Beckett down for an only slight revelation while wearing a very low cut top and mugging for the camera. Castle begins to tire of everyone’s antics, and only Beckett never really gives in to them. In fact, she is back to her reserved, annoyed self we saw most in season one.

Oh, you want to hear about the murder?Read More »Castle 5-7: Swan Song