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What could Dragons possibly have to do with New Fantasyland?


A few months ago some photos of flying dragon themed ultra-light plane were spotted over Bakersfield, CA. The photos were taken by Bakersfield resident Tammy K and posted on her Facebook page, then picked up by the media. The word on the street was that this was for a secret project for the Magic Kingdom’s new Fantasyland expansion. I found that odd, because so far no dragon themed attraction has been announced for the park.

Now, Disney Parks Blog author Gary Buchanan has created a blog and a viral video about a dragon that looks suspiciously like the flying device spotted in California.

Here’s the grainy ‘sighting’ video:

To follow this viral campaign visit Gary’s Tumblr page for more dragon details.

Disney will be announcing a slate of upcoming developments for the Walt Disney World Resort in just a few weeks. My guess is that this dragon will be part of a show centered around the castle. Maybe even a fireworks show, since a carefully illuminated dragon could hide the ultralight parts from sight. There is even the old STOL airstrip for take off and landing if they need it. I’m not sure how safe it would be to fly around with fireworks being launched though, so I don’t know what to think of that rumor. Whatever it is, Disney has been using the hashtag #BelieveInFantasy, which would be a great name for a new show at the Magic Kingdom.

What is your speculation about this mystery?