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Dragon Spotted Flying over Magic Kingdom, Really

Ok, not really. But that ultralight plane dressed up as a dragon that’s been rumored to be coming to Walt Disney World has actually arrived and has been testing in the very early hours of the morning.

Video has finally leaked out on the the interwebz of the dragon flying around the skies above the Magic Kingdom at 3AM in the morning. Yes, it’s very dark, so there are only a few frames where you can see the ultra-light canopy and the dragon itself is just a fuzzy dark shape. But you do get sense of the sound that the dragon makes.

Unfortunately, that sound is the noise of the ultralight’s engines. Which is the fatal flaw of this design and one of the reasons its use may be very limited. It will likely make its big debut during the grand opening celebrations for New Fantasyland this week, but whether it comes back as part of a regular show for guests remains to be seen.