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Inside the new Test Track at EPCOT, Non-Spoilery

New Test Track Queue

Test Track, with its new sponsorship from Chevrolet, officially opens on Thursday. Cast member previews have been under way for a few days and photos have been slowly leaking out along with short reviews like “Amazing!” “Awesome” and “Lots of Fun.” I was able to get out and experience Test Track for myself last night and found myself echoing those exclamations.

There is still work going on with the systems and guest experience, so I’m not going to give my full review until it officially opens. As Disney promised, the ride itself is a big upgrade from Test Track version 1.0. Once you get on the track, it is a LOT like being in the movie TRON. That’s not a coincidence since both take place inside a computer and it probably makes retheming easy if Chevy pulls out in 10 years.

I really don’t want to say more than that, but if you’re interested, I have a photo gallery up on Google+ and Facebook, where you can see a few non-spoilery photos from the ride and a few highlights from the queue leading up to the ride.