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Castle 4-21: Headhunters

Once upon a time, Nathan Fillion was on a little show called Firefly. They have made references to it over the years on Castle, but as far as I remember, they have never had any of his co-stars guest on the show.

Until last night.

In case you were wondering what the big deal of Adam Baldwin guest starring on Castle was, now you know. He was one of Nathan’s co-stars on that short lived cult show. Frankly, I’d be curious to know how many people turned in just to see the two of them on screen together again. Now I’ve got to admit that I was a casual viewer of Firefly (before my boycott almost anything and everything Joss Whedon days), so I remember Adam Baldwin best from the just finished Chuck.

But I digress.

Last night opened with a homeless man walking up to a corpse. No, he wasn’t trying to figure out if he could still help the guy; he wanted to rob him. All that changed when he found three severed heads on the guy.

Cut to Castle, who’s trying to overcome a bad case of writer’s block. His muse of Beckett isn’t helping him at all, and since she is prepping for court, they won’t have a case to work on. Of course, he isn’t sure how much time he wants to spend with her, but that’s beside the point. Then he catches the breaking news of the case and decides that he needs a new muse.

This new muse is Slaughter, Adam Baldwin’s character. He’s a member of the gang task force, and he’s gotten this case because the victim was the member of a gang. (I think it was Irish.) Slaughter is a loner (just like Beckett was at the beginning of the series or so we think at the beginning). In fact, his last three partners have died, two on their first day as his partner.Read More »Castle 4-21: Headhunters

Castle 4-20: The Limey

A couple weeks ago, I stated that the rest of this season of Castle would turn serious. Looks like I was misled. Okay, so I’ll admit that this show has some more serious moments, but there were lots of light, fun moments as well. And lots of fallout from last week’s revelation.

Speaking of which, last week, TV Guide made an excellent point. Why didn’t Castle talk to Beckett about what he overheard instead of assuming her lack of acknowledgement meant she didn’t love him back. This week, Beckett compounds the problem. Is there any hope of our favorite couple?

The episode starts with a dead body on the floor of a hotel room. A man is searching for something while a maid is trying to get into the room. He finds it just in time and walks out of the room just before the maid walks in. She doesn’t think anything of it until she finds the body and lets out a scream.Read More »Castle 4-20: The Limey

Castle 4-19: 47 Seconds

Last night’s Castle featured two bombs and a near miss. Of course, only one of those was a literal bomb. Along the way, the episode reminded me a bit of Vantage Point as Beckett and Castle had to piece together what happened with bits and pieces of what others saw at the scene of the literal bomb.

It opens at the scene of a TakeOver Wall Street protest. This show rarely seems to draw stories from the headlines, so I was a bit surprised to see this story in the show since it was obviously a version of Occupy Wall Street completely with 99% signs. Anyway, our first shot is of a reporter and her cameraman who are ready to go live with a broadcast about the protests. They’ve just started the report when a bomb goes off. In the aftermath, 5 people are dead.

Our usual gang shows up, but they are sidelined. Since it involved a bomb, the FBI are the primaries, but they do ask the local police to help them. Helping them starts with interviewing friends and relatives of the victims to find out if one of them was a target. One was a man on vacation, another a mom with two young kids. The third we learn about was one of the founders of the movement. But that doesn’t seem to be the motive.Read More »Castle 4-19: 47 Seconds

Castle 4-18: A Dance with Death

When I found out that they were planning an episode of Castle that centered around a reality dancing competition, I was actually surprised they hadn’t done one before. Since the show has Dancing with the Stars as a lead in much of the year, it seems like a natural fit. And while last night’s show within a show looked like it took more from the dancing shows on other networks, it was still lots of fun.

The episode opens during the taping of one of the semi-finals of A Night of Dance, a hot reality show that features amateur dancers competing for an undisclosed prize. Honestly, the prize doesn’t matter because the host has barely gotten through the introductions when the female contestant for that episode misses her cue. An assistant is sent to her dressing room and she is found dead from a gunshot.

Now before we get back to the story, a quick aside. If they didn’t film that opening scene on the set of Dancing with the Stars, I’d be shocked. It looked enough like it. They tweaked some things here or there, but for the most part, it had to be the same set.Read More »Castle 4-18: A Dance with Death

Castle 4-17: Once Upon a Crime

While Castle seems to have more serious episodes than it used to these days, you can pretty much count on them having lighter episodes on either side of the more dramatic ones. That was certainly the case last night.

It also felt like they were trying make up for the fact that Once Upon a Time wasn’t on Sunday night in favor of the Oscars since the murders had a fairy tale theme.

It all starts with a woman in a red cape running through the woods. When she trips, she throws her hands up to protect herself from an attacker of some kind.Read More »Castle 4-17: Once Upon a Crime

The River: Season 1, Episode 4 – A Better Man

This week starts with a flashback that’s much more recent: Dr. Cole is trying to cut the Magus free from the jungle vines, only to watch the vines grow back seconds after he removed them. On today’s Magus, there’s dissention among the crew. Without a… Read More »The River: Season 1, Episode 4 – A Better Man

Castle 4-16 Recap: Linchpin

Last night’s Castle was an exercise in changing opinions. While I was watching it, I enjoyed it. It was lots of fun with great twists. But the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve been disappointed by it.

The episode started off with Castle and Beckett in the car that was pushed off the dock and into the water in the cliffhanger at the end of part one of this two part saga. As the water rose, they couldn’t get the doors to open, and Beckett’s seatbelt was jammed. Her gun had fallen on the floor, and Castle had to dive down to find it to shoot off her seat belt and then use it to break the windows so they could get out. Read More »Castle 4-16 Recap: Linchpin

The River: Season 1, Episode 3 – Los Ciegos

Please welcome back Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley with her recap of the 2nd episode of The River

Starting off with another flashback to 2002, the team is working on a show about sharks, specifically focusing on their penchant for eating each other. What a great topic to explore on a family show about the wild!

From there, we head into the present. The show has clearly slipped into a format: this episode once again begins with the team crowded around a table, using clues from Dr. Cole’s video tapes to determine where they should look for him next. This time, they’ve picked a cave somewhere in the mountainous region of the Amazon.

As they prepare for their trek “at least a day’s hike back into the jungle into hostile territory,” as Lincoln tells us, the show uses the documentary style to ask the questions we’ve all been wondering about: why haven’t these people run screaming from this expedition. Their answers don’t provide much insight.

Read More »The River: Season 1, Episode 3 – Los Ciegos