D23 Expo Ups and Downs

Ed – Please welcome back Alison with her own report from D23 Expo.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the D23 event on Sunday with my family. There were some big highlights but also a huge disappointment.

The Carousel of Projects was a highlight for my family. It had a great model which showed the Disney World Fantasyland expansion project. I had been having difficulty visualizing the whole thing but the model really brought it to life.

Video of the model and much more from D23 Expo below the jump:

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New Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art Released

A couple pieces of new concept art depicting two attractions and a restaurant that’s coming to the Magic Kingdom as part of the New Fantasyland Expansion. Starting in 2012, guests will be able to experience parts of the expansion with new rides coming online all… Read More »New Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art Released

Magic Kingdom Update – Part I

Since moving here in 2005, I can’t remember a busier time for construction at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. I’m always happy to see tarps up around a building because it means that building is getting some much needed TLC. But buildings have two sides and it seems the insides of certain attractions are being allowed to fall into disrepair. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s part one of a two part pictorial romp through the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney this weekend.

The tarps are down around the Main Street Confectionery. It features a new red, white, and blue scheme, which works well in Town Square. The roofing appears to be more detailed as well.

There is some art deco/nouveau work on its neighbor facade that’s evocative of the seaside pier. I like it, but the bright colors really stand out considering its pale green neighbor.

I always keep my eyes open for new t-shirts and such. I really liked this new one from Space Mountain.

And this one from Splash Mountain caught my eye as well (although it may not be exactly new). There was a time not too long ago when Disney was ending all the attraction specific merchandise. But it’s back and better than ever.

Lots more below the jump:

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New Storybook Circus Concept Art from Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion

We’ve heard and seen a lot of what the main part of Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland Expansion will entail (The Little Mermaid, Beast’s Castle, Snow White Dwarfs coaster, etc). But details for Storybook Circus has always been seen as a bit sketchy. Thankfully Disney released some… Read More »New Storybook Circus Concept Art from Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion

Magic Kingdom Changes

As we’ve been documenting here on The Disney Blog, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is in the middle of some major changes. Most are focused in and around Fantasyland, but change is coming to other sections as well. The Storybook Circus area is scheduled to… Read More »Magic Kingdom Changes

Fantasyland Expansion Construction Update

If my short update from Sunday got you excited, then you’ll love this Fantasyland Construction update from The tarp is down from the back of Cinderella Castle, and construction is zooming ahead full speed, which you can see from Dumbo for now. Tons of… Read More »Fantasyland Expansion Construction Update

Highlights from Yesterday at The Magic Kingdom

News flew by so fast this weekend and next week is going to be just as crazy. Still, I want to stop and talk about some of the things I saw at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. Sort of a snap-shot of what’s going on for those who can’t be there in person. I wish I could do this in more depth, but time is short and I have an early day tomorrow.

First, the grand plan to remake the Small World/Peter Pan side of Fantasyland has begun. Construction walls are up and the razing of the Swiss Chalet has begun. This will eventually be the home of new restrooms allowing for expansion of the Peter Pan queue.

Walls are up all over the park. These surround the old marble ball in Tomorrowland. While it was once a nice feature, I think it’s as much a safety hazard now. A clear walkway would be an improvement. Although who knows if it’s coming back or not. Just no water-fountain for kids to play in, thank you.

The Storybook Circus portion of the Fantasyland Expansion is also progressing. The earth movers were active behind the walls today. It looks like the cement walls of what will be the Circus Tent queue are done. The former station building for Goofy’s Barnstormer has been stripped to its studs. So expect the core of the building to remain the same, but with some pretty serious theme upgrades.

More photos below the jump:

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