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D23 Expo Ups and Downs

Ed – Please welcome back Alison with her own report from D23 Expo.

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the D23 event on Sunday with my family. There were some big highlights but also a huge disappointment.

The Carousel of Projects was a highlight for my family. It had a great model which showed the Disney World Fantasyland expansion project. I had been having difficulty visualizing the whole thing but the model really brought it to life.

Video of the model and much more from D23 Expo below the jump:

The video presentation and mock up of the ride vehicle for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster was very interesting. Certainly looks as though it will be an interesting ride.

There was a lot of information about the new Cars Land for Disney California Adventure. Having just been in the park and seen how much the building has progressed in the past month or so, it was exciting to see more details. The new Lightning McQueen ride vehicle was on display. The basic design looks very much like the Epcot Test Track vehicle but of course with Lightning McQueens famous shiny exterior.

The Art of Brave presentation by Steve Pilcher, the production designer and Tia Kratter the shader art director for the movie was very interesting. The art work looks absolutely stunning and to hear the process of the attention to detail which we now know we can expect from Pixar, was fascinating.

The main reason for going to the event was to take my 9 year old son to see the Radiator Springs Reality presentation by John Lasseter. We reluctantly left the The Art of Brave presentation early as we knew the Lasseter event would be popular.

However we got it wrong. The crowds were big and the venue was not big enough. We made it to the stand by line so still had hope.

We waited for 90 minutes only to be told that we were not one of the lucky ones. As there were hundreds of people ahead of us in the stand by line I am not sure how they ever thought they were going to get those people in. The result was that we spent so long waiting in that line we couldn’t even make it into the line for The Making of Star Tours presentation.

This was a huge disappointment. I always knew we would have to wait in line but we missed the things which we really wanted to see. The venues for the presentations simply were not large enough to meet the demand. Of course it was my error in misjudging the line but to miss the second event too was just too much for me.

The younger members of my family enjoyed the appearances by the cast of Shake It Up. And my 5 year old got to see Handy Manny in person. Overall everyone got to see something they enjoyed. I would certainly go again – but definitely plan my day in a very different way. Next time John Lasseter appears I am going to be first in line!