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Fantasyland Expansion plans are undergoing change confirms Staggs

In an interview with Disney Parks president Tom Staggs, Orlando Sentinel writer Jason Garcia has confirmed that changes are underway with the Fantasyland expansion.  Changes sound less extreme than some rumors had indicated, but the reason behind the change is to balance all the Princess… Read More »Fantasyland Expansion plans are undergoing change confirms Staggs

Geppetto’s Toy Store now a Candy Store

The “Wishing Star” store in Fantasyland is more commonly known as Geppetto’s Toy Store or Puppet Store. That’s because that’s what was sold there. You know, like in the movie Pinocchio, where Geppetto owns a toy store. Alas, over the years it has not been… Read More »Geppetto’s Toy Store now a Candy Store

Incredible Fantasyland Expansion Update

Global Disney Pinvestigation has one amazing look at the newly revealed model for the Fantasyland Expansion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom and what it says about exactly what will be coming with the makeover. Also, spies have spotted that construction trailers have been placed… Read More »Incredible Fantasyland Expansion Update

D23 Confirms Fantasyland Expansion Rumors

The leaked plans for the Magic Kingdom Fantasyland expansion appear to be mostly, if not totally, true. This based on announcements from Jay Rasulo at the D23 Expo today. There’s some good detail of the plans at my previous post looking at the blueprints. Now we also have some gorgeous concept art to go with it. (click for larger versions)

Update: download 2.5 mb larger version here.

This concept art shows the expanded area from the POV of above Cinderella Castle. In the front left you see the ‘castle walls’ from which you will travel through into the various Princess Realms. Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel all have their own castles (aka meet and greet areas). The Beauty and the Beast realm will also have a new dinner show.

Ariel’s castle will contain the Little Mermaid attraction that’s also being installed at California Adventure.


At this point the Fantasyland Expansion concept art differs a bit from the blue prints we saw. Tinker Bell and the fairies still get their Pixie Hollow (which will be phase two of the expansion), but the Dumbo attraction (see concept drawing below) is moved to the other side where Goofy’s Barstormer and Donald’s boat is now. There is also a coaster in the back that is not on the blue prints. I’ll be curious to see how this all turns out in the final version.


The new Dumbo attraction will have two spinners and, apparently, more of a circus theme. The blue prints specify an ‘interactive queue’ which, based on this art, would appear to be more living character initiative animatronics. Think Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story Midway Mania queue.

All this, Jay says, will be open in 2012. A year late for the 40th Anniversay of the MK. But not too shabby a schedule. I would like to have seen another solid ‘ride’ type attraction, something aimed at the whole family instead of another meet and greet/mini-show. But the dinner show and the themeing look pretty outstanding.

Follow below the jump for the full press release related to all of Jay’s park announcements:

Read More »D23 Confirms Fantasyland Expansion Rumors