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Cinderella Castle Walkway Widening Project Update

Keeping guests flowing through the Magic Kingdom gets tough when the park is crowded. So we’ve been tracking the progress on the walkway widening project between Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square and Cinderella Castle in hopes that it eases a normally congested area just a… Read More »Cinderella Castle Walkway Widening Project Update

Path widening project continues near Cinderella Castle

Work continues on widening the path leading up from Liberty Square to Cinderella Castle’s courtyard. The project required draining much of the moat so crews could get in and move dirt around and lay foundations for the new walkway. They’re also extending the pathway so… Read More »Path widening project continues near Cinderella Castle

Disneyland Rumor Roundup

Disneyland is currently in the middle of a huge expansion that will bring part of a galaxy far, far away to Anaheim. Along the way it will remake the Rivers of America and correct a guest flow problem in the park eliminating a dead end… Read More »Disneyland Rumor Roundup

Magic Kingdom Walking Tour

Took a short walk through the Magic Kingdom yesterday using Facebook LIVE. While wandering around I pointed out a few of the magical details that I love, including a special family moment – my grandfather’s window on Main Street. Thanks for watching. For the best… Read More »Magic Kingdom Walking Tour