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Path widening project continues near Cinderella Castle

Work continues on widening the path leading up from Liberty Square to Cinderella Castle’s courtyard. The project required draining much of the moat so crews could get in and move dirt around and lay foundations for the new walkway. They’re also extending the pathway so it won’t interfere with diners at Sleepy Hollow.

Right now walls are up around Sleepy Hollow, but the quick service location is still open. So you can still get your waffles and yummy treats!

When the path is done, it should greatly reduce congestion around Sleepy Hollow and make getting into and out of Fantasyland a lot easier after parades and while the stage is being used for a show.

The Magic Kingdom is in the middle of a number of projects designed to improve guest flow by removing obstacles from pathways and widen pedestrian paths. They’re apparently expecting large crowds to manifest for the park’s 50th anniversary in 2021.

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