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Magic Kingdom drains moat in front of Tomorrowland revealing big mess

We visited the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, many guests were wearing their green clothing in the spirit of erin go bragh. Work on the castle moat in front of Tomorrowland also had us turning a little green as the draining water revealed slimy gross and decaying algae and fish that were left to die when the water was drained away.

There are rumored plans to widen the path way into Fantasyland from Tomorrowland an the castle moat draining could be related to that. But it could just be for regular maintenance, including periodic removal of the algae that accumulates in any body of water in Florida.

The bottom of the moat was also full of lost hats, glasses, buttons, magic bands, lanyards and other items. I still don’t get why people are tempted to throw coins in every body of water on property either. These are not coin operated fountains.

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The smell of decaying plant life and fish was pretty horrible and we felt sorry for the photopass cast member who had to stand on the bridge to Tomorrowland taking guest photos. Hopefully Disney has already cleaned up that mess by now.

It was also fascinating for us to see how Disney only painted its faux rocks down to the water line.

Have you ever lost anything on a Disney ride on in one of its water ways? Were you able to get it back?