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Cinderella Castle Walkway Widening Project Update

Magic Kingdom - Cinderella Castle path

Keeping guests flowing through the Magic Kingdom gets tough when the park is crowded. So we’ve been tracking the progress on the walkway widening project between Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square and Cinderella Castle in hopes that it eases a normally congested area just a bit.

We recently stopped by the Magic Kingdom to check in on the latest status of the work and were surprised by just how far along its has come since our last update.

Things are moving along pretty quickly now!

It definitely looks like they are just about ready to put the final touches on the path and the new theming around it.

We like how they’ve added some storytelling with what are probably meant to represent cellar doors beneath the Sleepy Hollow restaurant that lead down to the docks.

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One thing were sad to see removed are the little areas with benches were we could sit and take in a unique perspective on the Magic Kingdom. They were also a popular photo spot and didn’t disrupt the guest flow all that much.

We do like how the new lamp posts resemble those near the front of Cinderella Castle. Their design should tie the whole area in nicely once the project is finished

The Cinderella Castle moat on the Sleepy Hollow side has been drained during this project, so it will be nice to have water back. Photos from that area make for great castle reflections in the water.

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