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Peter Pan’s Flight at Disneyland – Return to Never Land

Peter Pan's Flight: Wendy, Michael, John and Pan

One of Disneyland’s most unique attractions is also one of its oldest. Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the few opening day attractions still operating in the park and is sure to be a popular destination for fans looking forward to a return to Never Land once the park officially reopens.

The attraction’s story, music, and sets are all based on the 1953 animated Walt Disney movie “Peter Pan.” The movie was inspired by the classic Peter Pan play and book by author J.M. Barrie.

The ride system features a boat that appears to float below a suspended rail system. This provides a very effective sensation that you are floating above various scenes from Peter Pan in your flying pirate ship.

With Disneyland preparing to reopen on April 30th, we thought it was time to take a closer look at the popular attraction. Watch this video for a closer look at Peter Pan’s Flight:

Peter Pan’s Flight Fun Facts:

  • Although the attraction has seen a few upgrades over the years, it is one of the few remaining open day attractions.
  • The biggest makeover came in 1983 when Fantasyland went through a major overhaul. During this renovation more animatronic characters were added as were new set pieces.
  • The latest revision was completed in 2015. New animatronics of Wendy, John, and Michael now fly in the Nursery scene. New special effects were also added elsewhere in the ride.
  • Peter Pan’s Flight has versions in four of the five other Magic Kingdom style parks: Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and Shanghai Disneyland.
New AAs added in 2015
New AA’s added in 2015

Here’s a Walt Disney Imagineering video with a scene-by-scene tour of the changes made in 2015:

Yes, the wait to go on a high-flying adventure with Wendy, Michael and John can be long, but it is one of the most unique experiences at the park and a favorite of many guests.

Do you have a favorite scene from Peter Pan’s Flight?

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