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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Roller Coaster Digital Simulation Video

One of the first things to come out of the D23 EXPO was more details on how the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster that will be the final attraction added to the Magic Kingdom as part of the Fantasyland Expansion. If you didn’t catch this digital simulation of the ride already here it is:

I love how this is a new type of coaster, something Disney used to be known for. I wonder why no one had thought of it before. Well, perhaps they had but weren’t able to make it work. I’ve heard rumors that Imagineering is still working on the concept and haven’t quite got it all worked out yet. I guess we’ll see if they actually do break ground on the show building for the coaster in a few months.

Previously: D23 Expo shows behind the scenes footage of Imagineers working on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

9 thoughts on “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Roller Coaster Digital Simulation Video”

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  6. Is it a bad sign that just watching the video made me feel sick to my stomach? This isn’t a ride that I could go on — or take my kids on. That side to side motion is guaranteed to make people with weak stomachs sick.

    I just feel like this is one more step away from Walt Disney’s dream of a park filled with rides that the whole family can ride together — from child, to parent, to grandparent.

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