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New Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art Released

A couple pieces of new concept art depicting two attractions and a restaurant that’s coming to the Magic Kingdom as part of the New Fantasyland Expansion. Starting in 2012, guests will be able to experience parts of the expansion with new rides coming online all the way through 2014.

We’ve actually seen these first two pieces of concept art before. They depict the exterior and interior of Maurice’s Cottage. Inside “Enchanted Tales with Belle” will take the idea of the meet-and-greet to new levels as guests participate a re-telling of ‘the tale as old as time.’

Next door is the entrance to the “Be Our Guest” restaurant – a new dual function location that will serve quick service during the day and sit down dining at night. It will feature stained glass walls that spring to life and a Lumiere figure on a dining cart (like they did with Remy in Chefs De France). I expect there will also be character photo opportunities at dinner.

Finally, here’s a bit of artwork featuring the entrance to the Great Goofini. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell us too much about the load and unload zone. It does show ‘clouds’ much like Goofy’s Flying School at California Adventure. I dearly hope they’re going to get more creative than that. Good enough is not good enough any more, there’s no excuse for cheap themeing now that we’ve seen what can be done at Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Of the three attractions above Great Goofini is scheduled to open first. The track is already built, after all. Overall a great set of concept art. What do you think of these ideas?

8 thoughts on “New Fantasyland Expansion Concept Art Released”

  1. I will totally eat at that restaurant, probably in both its guises. Since it’s a new restaurant, I expect the food to be interesting and to have good vegetarian options. Disney’s had a really good track record there in recent years ((the exception being Yak & Yeti, which inexplicably had no vegetarian stuff on the menu, last I checked).

    I agree with your assessment of the Great Goofini. Maybe they’ll impress us, but so far it looks like a plain track with cardboard cutout theming. They can do better, and they should.

  2. Regarding the potential of cheap re-theming for the Great Goofini ride, I agree that good enough is not enough.

    However, when drawing comparisons to the WWoHP, isn’t that the very complaint with two of the rides there?

  3. Is Be Our Guest going to have characters? i was told recently that it wouldn’t, which seemed odd. I suppose it could have picture opportunities in the front (like Akershus) but not have characters going from table to table?

    1. I think it will be more like photo opportunity with characters rather than roaming characters based on my reading of the plans. But that could change.

  4. These have the most off model Disney characters I’ve ever seen in a piece of concept art. Is any one paying attention internally? There are model sheets in the IRC!

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