“Blood & Oil” Review

Title: Blood & Oil Set-Up: North Dakota is at the height of an oil boom that hasn’t been seen in the States since the days of the Gold Rush. People are moving in droves to the Boomtown to hopefully capitalize on the American Dream. We… Read More »“Blood & Oil” Review

“Quantico” Review

Title: Quantico Set-Up: A new crew of FBI recruits head to Quantico, one of the most difficult FBI training academies in America. The new gang have to deal with the pressures of being the best they can be and outshining the others, all without going… Read More »“Quantico” Review

“The Muppets” Review

ABC’s Fall Season is here, so that means more me! Hold your applause, really, it’s too much. I will be bringing you mini-reviews of all of this fall’s new pilots, just like in the past. First up, one of the most anticipated and most discussed… Read More »“The Muppets” Review

Inside Out is… Smart. Original. Beautiful. Emotional. Classic.

I don’t have a lot to say about “Inside Out”, Pixar’s fifteenth feature film, which opened today in theatres after what proved to be a long wait for fans of the studio. (Pixar’s last film, “Monsters University”, opened two years ago this week.) Or, rather,… Read More »Inside Out is… Smart. Original. Beautiful. Emotional. Classic.