“The Astronaut Wives Club” Simple Review

Here’s the first of many ABC Summer Simple Review, giving you the basics you need to know for the new shows. 2011 was a much simpler time on ABC. I was recapping Charlie’s Angels for the site, well at least before it got cancelled. That same… Read More »“The Astronaut Wives Club” Simple Review

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap – One Door Closes

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This week we went back to the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier to see what Bobbi, Mack and their team were doing the day that S.H.I.E.L.D. fell. They, along with Agent Hartley, are on the air craft carrier, Iliad, in search of Gonzales. It was nice to see Lucy Lawless again. I’m glad they brought her back.

After finding him (and convincing him that they aren’t Hydra), Bobbi reveals that she was given a second mission from Fury (like Natasha in Winter Soldier). She’s been tasked with sinking the ship, destroying the cargo in the process. Realizing that this is a one-way mission, Mack and the rest of the team decide to join her before ultimately deciding to take back the ship instead of destroying it.

Back in the present, Coulson finally lets Mack take a look under Lola’s hood, but for the purpose of confronting him because Coulson suspects him to be a mole. Through the conversation, Coulson figures out that Bobbi is a mole as well. This revelation leads to a fantastic fight scene between May and Bobbi over Fury’s Toolbox.

Bobbi loses to May, but not before she uses an EMP to shut down S.H.I.E.L.D.’s power.Read More »Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Recap – One Door Closes

Disney’s McFarland USA Box Office Results

Disney’s McFarland, USA opened up against stiff competition this weekend. It managed to beat all the new films this weekend, but failed to surpass Spongebob, Kingsman, and Fifty Shades of Grey. It did manage to pull in $11 million for the three day weekend, that… Read More »Disney’s McFarland USA Box Office Results

Agent Carter Recap – episode 7: Snafu

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This week’s episode starts right where last week’s left off, with Peggy in the custody of the S.S.R. and under interrogation. Sousa, Dooley and Thomson take turns trying to make her confess to, among other things, killing agent Krzemenski. Jarvis then shows up with a… Read More »Agent Carter Recap – episode 7: Snafu

Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer


Now that we’ve had a few moments to digest the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and get ‘the feels’ out of the way, it’s time for a deeper look at what we see in our first glimpse of the Star Wars universe as brought to you by J.J. Abrams and team. If there’s one thing this trailer does, is it alleviates your fears. No, J.J. Abrams isn’t going to cram a million lens flares into every frame like he did with the Star Trek series. In fact, it is very much in keeping with the cinematography of the original trilogy.

In fact, this trailer appears designed to make you forget about the second trilogy (the prequels) entirely. I’d say it just about succeeds. It has the scope and adventure of the original trilogy, it evokes the dirty worn down tech we were used to, and it transports you to an otherworldly and exotic place. By the time we get to the new John Williams score, we’re ready to believe that this is going to be an awesome film.


The narrator appears to be Andy Serkis. While we know he’s been cast, we don’t know quite what character he’s playing in the film, but it might be one of the force wielding bad guys. We see the new look Storm Troopers, very close to the classic look, but just different enough to be amazing and menacing.Read More »Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer