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Revenge: Grief

My Revenge viewing buddy described this week’s episode as: “omg omg omg holy sh*t”.

After finally catching the episode on Thursday, I can only agree.

Unlike last week’s yawner, this episode started with a crying Emily digging a grave. Since this show is nothing like it seems, we could only guess who the grave was for.

Operation White Haired Guy is in full swing and Emily and Daniel’s wedding has now turned into a full-blown publicity stunt ala Ashley’s “brilliant” brainstorms.

It’s no surprise Emily is more into uncovering the whereabouts of this white-haired man (WHM) than discussing table linens and the most minute details of the next “royal wedding”. (Oh, I wish I made that up. Ashley called it that, quick to remind Emily that Daniel is the royalty.)

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Revenge – Justice

Welcome back, drama fiends!

In just a week, we’ve managed to fast forward almost 3 months. Daniel’s trial is just about to begin. Jack is still out searching for Amanda. And Declan is scheduled to be a key witness in Daniel’s trial. Jack decides it’s time to come home.

Daniel’s team is hard at work, and they decide Emily is the best choice for an opening witness. The forensic evidence is not on his side, and they need to paint Daniel as a sympathetic character so who better to do that than Emily? (Victoria, of course, whines about this.) Their main goal is to present reasonable doubt in the jury because the DA’s initial offer no longer exists.

We learned in last week’s episode that Victoria will do just about anything to protect her son (even get him beat up in jail), so when they focus on one particular juror who has a son, it’s no surprise she is going to get Lee (the one who beat up Daniel & Jack) to join in the party and make sure the jury knows what is what.

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Revenge is back on ABC, Don’t Doubt it

Hello Revenge watchers! I’ve missed you and all the drama from our favorite guilty pleasure, haven’t you? A month without it might have felt like a long time, but the show didn’t waste any time getting dramatic. Nice to know some things stay the same, right?

Let’s backtrack, shall we? Where are these characters? Daniel is in jail. Emily is sitting in her house, promising herself that she will stop from getting so emotionally invested this time and FOCUS. Nolan is forcing her to eat something, while corralling Jack. Declan is trying to protect his brother and still remain Charlotte’s boyfriend. Charlotte is popping pills like M&Ms. Jack is freaking out over Amanda and that bank slip. Victoria still dresses to the nines even though her beloved son is in jail. She and Conrad are trying to work on a strategy for their court date (early December).

One nice happy family, right?

This was one episode where viewers really see what Victoria can do with her power, influence, and cash. And what she can’t. Pretty immediately she’s trying to pinpoint the “guy in the hoodie” as a girl with her hair tied up in a hat. A girl like Amanda Clarke. (Charlotte won’t sink to her level.) In fact, she’s so obsessed with framing Amanda Clarke on Tyler’s murder that she refuses to brainstorm about other potential theories like her lawyer suggests. But soon after, a light bulb goes off for her. How about Jack Porter? Amanda’s boyfriend. It all makes perfect sense, and now Emily looks like she is going to puke. Will anyone really believe “Montauk’s favorite son” did this, she asks Victoria. Instead, Emily suggests they hire someone to sway public opinion before the trial proceedings even begin. (Conrad to Victoria: “She might be Grayson material afterall.”)

Enter Mason Treadwell!

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Checking in with ABC’s 2011-12 Lineup

8 months and 13 shows later, we have seen every new show ABC has to offer for this 2011-2012 season. Now we have had a few flops (I’m looking at you “Work It”), but we have had a really solid season…especially compared to last year. When your biggest show is “No Ordinary Family,” you have a problem. Anyways, I felt like now would be a wonderful time to reflect on the past season. Find out the hits, the misses and what to look forward to this summer.

THE MISSES: It’s always better to start off with the bad…right? Out of the 13, 3 have already been cancelled. Those three include the I-Take-Myself-Too-Seriously “Charlie’s Angels,” the Did-I-Actually-Have-Any-Fans “Man Up,” and finally, the piece de resistance, the Why-ABC-Just-Why “Work It”. Many people could see from a mile away that these would be cancelled within weeks of their premiere, and they were right.

There are also a few shows as of now that are on the brink of cancellation including the Started-Off-Great-But-Nosedived-Like-The-Subject-Matter “Pan-Am” and the Trying-To-Get-The-Same-Viewership-Numbers-As-Paranormal-Activity “The River”. Both ended with about 3 million viewers watching the final episode…which does not bode well with ABC execs. Don’t be too surprised to see press releases stating that they have been cancelled in the coming months. So 5 out of 13 are duds, which is not a bad percentage. Luckily, ABC could make up for those with the other, actually good, shows.

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Revenge – Episode 1.11 “Duress”

Happy 2012 everyone! I don’t know a better way to kick off the new year then tuning into a new episode of Revenge! Especially when it features a mental breakdown of this guy:

Yep. That’s Tyler. The episode opens with him holding a gun and about to shoot one of the bunch — Conrad, Ashley, Charlotte, Declan, Jack, Daniel, or Emily — at Daniel’s “casual” clambake birthday shindig on the beach. And because Revenge wouldn’t be the show it is without them, we get a flashback to two days earlier.

Pretty early into the episode we see why Tyler appears as the uninvited “guest” at the clambake. Conrad agrees to fire him (especially if Daniel returns to work) and Victoria is going to kick him out of his beloved pool house (because she will basically do anything Daniel wants right now). Emily steals the infamous animal-shaped USB and his prescription pill bottle. She calls his doctor and finds out that Tyler has been under investigation for several weeks now. A few minutes later, she’s watching Tyler trash the pool house. Because the USB is missing and he doesn’t have any pills yet.That first (or last) scene is making so much sense now. But every time I think this guy is about to lose it, he gains composure some how. And then loses it again. Apparently, Tyler is under the supervision of his brother, who is a big doctor. Nolan calls him and arranges to fly him to the Hamptons to pick up Tyler before he does something dangerous.(Where has this guy been?!) On top of everything else, Tyler’s beloved Daniel calls Tyler a “pathetic parasite” and threatens to call the police on him. Tyler flees.

I’m going to wait to get to the good part.

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Revenge – Season 1, Episode 9

Hi Revenge fans! Turkey and travel delayed my viewing of this week’s episode but I have come out of my food coma psyched to talk about another crazy Revenge adventure.

While we are about to jump into December, the people of the Hamptons are still scheming through the longest summer in existence, heavy on the drama.

If you remember from last week, Emily/Amanda/Kara has not cooperated with our Emily and left for Paris. Instead, she has permanently attached herself to Jack and he likes it. (I guess you can’t blame the guy since he’s getting nowhere with our Em but really? Ugh.) Nolan spots her in town (on the Amanda boat) and immediately alerts our Emily.

Emily puts on her sweet voice and tries to get through to Kara. You. Cannot. Stay. But Kara is not having it. She’s tired of running and people not knowing who she really is. Now that she is Kara, things could work out! “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. You can’t stay,” Emily tells her sternly. Looks like their little alliance is not as strong as our Em once thought; Kara doesn’t need Em’s permission to do anything. She is staying.

Conrad decides to spice things up between Tyler and Daniel, proposing some “friendly competition”. Whoever is able to score an investor at Conrad’s lunch the fastest (for a $20M deal) will keep the full commission (and obviously have a leg up). Tyler is just about drooling over this opportunity, while Daniel is in. After just a week (or two — I’m not sure about the time period since the last episode), he seems to be enjoying this job. Tyler, on the other hand, continues his wily ways. It seems he stole Nolan’s credit card to buy himself and Ashley some Hamptons-esque attire for the luncheon. This guy is just a piece of work.

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Dancing With the Stars Week 9 Recap – Was That a Parade Float?

Week 9 brings us to the semifinals! I was so stressed about this show that I could barely watch. True story. Each couple had to perform three (yes, three!) dances.

Hope and Maks began the evening with a paso doble to Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed.” Hope battled some serious shoulder pain in rehearsals, but seemed to thrive on the adversity. The judges agreed that she was successful in displaying the right attitude for the dance, but were not as pleased with her technical performance. Triple 7s gave the pair a 21.

Next, it was J.R. and Karina’s turn for the paso doble. We saw J.R. twist his ankle during rehearsals (major ouch), and it definitely affected the dance. Bruno and Carrie Ann noticed that his injury had a negative impact on his posture, and Len called him more “Zero” than “Zorro.” Insert sad face here. Judges’ scores of 8, 7, 8 gave the couple a total of 23.

Rob and Cheryl arrived on the dance floor shaking maracas on a horrifying parade float. Yikes. Thankfully, things improved as they began their samba. Rob did a great job of shaking his hips during the energetic routine. Despite his last name, I like Rob more and more every week. Unanimous praise from the judges translated into scores of 10 (wow), 9, 9 for a 28, which is Rob’s highest of the competition.

Ricki and Derek brightened up the ballroom in canary yellow costumes they donned to samba to “Jump in the Line (Shake, Senora)” by Harry Belafonte. It was a fun and rousing dance. Len said Ricki took a giant step towards the finals, and Bruno and Carrie Ann loved it all. Perfect 10s from the judges gave them a 30!

We were treated to a stunning Argentine tango by a group of the professional dancers. The lifts were incredibly daring. I’m pretty sure I watched with one eye closed.

Hope and Maks returned to the dance floor to perform their Argentine tango to “Whatever Lola Wants.” Maks was on his best behavior with the judges, but this time Hope seemed to be the slightly disgruntled one. The three judges agreed that this performance was better than their first, and gave them triple 8s for a 24, and a total of 45 for the night.

J.R. came back with a freshly taped ankle to dance the Argentine tango with Karina. He was obviously frustrated that his injury was hampering his ability, but he pushed aside the pain to deliver a solid routine. The judges awarded them triple 9s for a score of 27, which brought them to a total of 50 for the evening.

Next to tango were Rob and Cheryl. Their sexy dance delighted the crowd and the judges. Rob is certainly finishing strong. Triple 9s gave them a 27 for this dance and a total of 55.

Ricki and Derek didn’t disappoint the judges with their Argentine tango. Len thought it was really good, and Carrie Ann declared that Ricki’s new core strength has given her the “pop.” I thought this was a term reserved for HGTV. Hmm. Scores of 9, 10, 10 totaled 29 and brought the pair an overall 59.

The final event of the evening’s competition was a cha cha relay to “I Like How It Feels,” by Enrique Iglesias. Each couple performed a portion of the song, just like a relay race. The judges awarded Hope and Maks 4 points, for a total of 49. J.R. and Karina scored 6 points, which brought them to a total of 56. Eight points were given to Ricki and Derek, which gave them a total of 67. Rob and Cheryl were the top scorers of the relay, earning 10 points and boosting their total for the night to 65. Kind of surprising, but yay Rob!

Whew, what a night. There was an inordinate amount of math involved in writing this post…what a novel way to use my business degree. I’m hoping the audience’s votes ensure J.R. a much-deserved place in the finals. We’ll find out tonight! Who do you think is going home?

Video highlights from the episode are below the jump:

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