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Agent Carter Recap – episode 7: Snafu

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This week’s episode starts right where last week’s left off, with Peggy in the custody of the S.S.R. and under interrogation. Sousa, Dooley and Thomson take turns trying to make her confess to, among other things, killing agent Krzemenski. Jarvis then shows up with a… Read More »Agent Carter Recap – episode 7: Snafu

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review – S2-E4: Face My Enemy


This week’s episode was a lot of fun.  While we may not be any closer to finding out the truth about the alien writings or Skye’s dad, we did get to see Coulson and May, the senior officers, show the rest of the team how the spy game is played.

The episode starts with little set up as Coulson and May go undercover to retrieve a painting that has the mysterious writing on the back. Skye, Tripp, Hunter and Fitz act as back up from the Bus, at least, until a computer virus threatens to blow it up.

When the two agents spot General Talbot at the party, they think that they’ve been compromised.  Coulson confronts Talbot to remind him of the uneasy alliance that they have. After Coulson leaves, Talbot makes a call to Dr. Whitehall giving us the impression that he is actually working for Hydra.

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Switched at Birth Returns to ABC Family

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The very popular Switched at Birth has returned to ABC Family for a new season. Disney’s new policy of hiding its cable shows behind a paywall unless you are on certain cable providers makes it difficult to see, so who knows if the popularity will… Read More »Switched at Birth Returns to ABC Family

Castle on ABC

Castle 5-8: After Hours

Castle on ABC

While last week was a bit of an attempt to change the usual formula for the show, last night really change things up. It reminded me in many ways of “Cuffed” from last season, but it was still a well done episode.

It all started with a meet the parents dinner, or at least dessert. Beckett’s Dad has joined Beckett, Castle, and Martha at the loft. Martha has even made her one dessert, death by chocolate. Unfortunately, Martha and Beckett’s Dad aren’t really getting along. He insults her lack of seriousness since she is an actress, and then she turns around and calls baseball boring. (It is, but we won’t go there.) Castle and Beckett are relived to be interrupted by a phone call about a body.Read More »Castle 5-8: After Hours

Revenge: The Season Finale (Reckoning)

I think I’ve mentioned this before but my husband measures how much I enjoyed an episode of Revenge by the amount of yelling I do from the other room. Not surprising, I let out quite a few shrieks and non-publishable phrases during this week’s season finale.

So I decided to divide this episode into moments that provided the biggest “whoa” factor for me.

1. Emily and Daniel broke off their engagement. That’s right, she gave the ring back. In the middle of the season I was pretty sure Emily was surprised that she actually had feelings for a Grayson. But then he was accused of murder, got the crap beat out of him in jail, found out about his dad’s secret doings and decided he needs to carry on the Grayson name. Daniel certainly changed his tune over a season from wanting nothing to do with his family to becoming the epitome of a Grayson. It makes me hate him. (I’m still holding out hope that he’s concocting his own revenge plan.) When Ashley lets it slip that something happened between Jack and Emily, Emily doesn’t even try to cover it up when Daniel asks her about it. She tells him he’s changed, they both have, and she hands back the ring.

Victoria’s reaction: “I knew your future with Daniel was as empty as that box. Best of luck with your new endeavor.”

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