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Checking in with ABC’s 2011-12 Lineup

8 months and 13 shows later, we have seen every new show ABC has to offer for this 2011-2012 season. Now we have had a few flops (I’m looking at you “Work It”), but we have had a really solid season…especially compared to last year. When your biggest show is “No Ordinary Family,” you have a problem. Anyways, I felt like now would be a wonderful time to reflect on the past season. Find out the hits, the misses and what to look forward to this summer.

THE MISSES: It’s always better to start off with the bad…right? Out of the 13, 3 have already been cancelled. Those three include the I-Take-Myself-Too-Seriously “Charlie’s Angels,” the Did-I-Actually-Have-Any-Fans “Man Up,” and finally, the piece de resistance, the Why-ABC-Just-Why “Work It”. Many people could see from a mile away that these would be cancelled within weeks of their premiere, and they were right.

There are also a few shows as of now that are on the brink of cancellation including the Started-Off-Great-But-Nosedived-Like-The-Subject-Matter “Pan-Am” and the Trying-To-Get-The-Same-Viewership-Numbers-As-Paranormal-Activity “The River”. Both ended with about 3 million viewers watching the final episode…which does not bode well with ABC execs. Don’t be too surprised to see press releases stating that they have been cancelled in the coming months. So 5 out of 13 are duds, which is not a bad percentage. Luckily, ABC could make up for those with the other, actually good, shows.

THE HITS: We have A LOT of them! Now, there a few modest hits, including “Missing” (which has the issue of going up against “American Idol” on Thursdays…but is still pulling in good numbers with that in mind), “GCB”, “Suburgatory” and “Last Man Standing”. “Scandal”, which premiered on Thursday, received similar numbers to the previously mentioned four (In the 7 million viewers range), but after some great reviews and everyone saying that show gets even better as the show progresses, look for those numbers to raise.

Then, there are the BAFFO shows, such as “Once Upon A Time,” which is the highest rated drama this new season. ABC was pushing for this one, and it paid off. Constantly getting over 10 million viewers and people embracing the high-concept storyline, ABC feels as if they have found the duct tape for the hole in their inner tube, left by “LOST”. And then, there was a small show, you might have not heard of it. It’s very small, not on a lot of people’s radars; it’s called “Revenge”. I don’t know if anyone knew how big this show was going to be, but I assume the ABC execs are jumping up and down screaming like little girls meeting Belle for the first time. Critics love it, Viewers love it, EVERYONE LOVES IT! It has become not only an American Guilty Pleasure…but also appointment television. You can’t miss an episode, it’s just THAT GOOD! So look for at least half of these hits to stay with us for one more year!

THE FUTURE: “Don’t Trust the B—- in APT. 23” is getting great reviews and buzz and is set to premiere this Wednesday at 9:30 EST. Are you busy then? Well, the first two episodes are already available for viewing on and they are hysterical! Definitely check them out and we will see how the ratings are Thursday morning. As far as this summer goes, we have 3 new shows that will be premiering! “Duets” premieres on May 24th at 8pm and changes up the classic singing competition. The contestants have to sing a duet every week with a celebrity (Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson, Robin Thicke, or Lionel Richie). At the end, one winner will receive a recording contract. Sounds like a fun little way to change up the “set in stone” format.

ABC is also bringing back the genre of show they made famous with “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”…Improv. “Trust Us With Your Life” is hosted by Fred Willard and takes celebrities lives and rehashes them via the Improv styling’s of Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and more. This premieres with back-to-back episodes on July 10th at 9pm. “final Witness” also premieres this summer, July 10th at 10pm. This show examines a single case during the course of one hour all from the eye’s of the victim. It is being billed as a “compelling hybrid of documentary and drama,” which could be interesting.

One of your favorite shows cancelled? Excited to see one of the “hits” come back for another season? Do you miss Tyler on Revenge? Let me know in the comments below!

Before I go, I have a little personal news. It revolves around me, my social media outlets, and you. I will be trying something new this year. Starting on June 9th, I will be doing “A Very Disney Summer”. Every day I will put up a vlog and tweet about A) how I incorporated Disney into my daily routine or B) The newest Disney news. It is going to be a lot of fun! Make sure to follow me on twitter @gaston1991 and check out my YouTube page TheMagic0214. Be sure to use the hash tag #AVDS and Have a Magical Day!

P.S. Here is the preview video!

4 thoughts on “Checking in with ABC’s 2011-12 Lineup”

  1. Frankly, I enjoyed Charlies Angel’s and thought it got much, much better after the pilot. Unfortunately, no one came back after that.

    But obviously I love Once Upon a Time since I’m recapping it here. Great show and I look forward to it every week.

  2. Once Upon a Time is my favorite new show – I really hope it will be around for a while!

    I liked Pan Am in the beginning and then I just lost interest.

  3. I really like Pan Am, and watched it every week. I thought I’d heard that it had been cancelled already though?

  4. I miss Pan Am, I hope someone picks it up, but I doubt it. It was a nice change from the usual crap.

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