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Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies at Age 54

Thomas Kinkade, a prolific painter known for his painting style that infused scenes with a romantic glowing light, had died from what appears to be natural causes at his home in California. He was 54.

Kinkade claimed to be the most collected modern painter generating up to $100 million a year in sales. His mass-produced editions satisfied some need in families and could be found in galleries all around the world.

Disney fans will be familiar with Kinkade as he frequently painted scenes from Disney’s animated classics and the theme parks. Kinkade often spoke of parallels between his life and Walt Disney’s. Both traveled to California as young men with just a few dollars to their name and a portfolio to show their talent. Paintings from Kinkade’s Disney Collection are sure to immediately become more valued.

In the news: The AP and Mercury News

Photo from 2008 introduction of Disney collection.

Update: Below the jump, I’ve added a gallery of a few Kinkade paintings large enough where you can make out the detail he put into each work:

Do you own any Kinkade paintings? Which ones?

7 thoughts on “Painter Thomas Kinkade Dies at Age 54”

  1. This is so sad to hear,his work is and always will be outatanding in the art world,we own several of his Disney work pieces and now will cherish them even more . R.I.P. Mr. Kinkade,the art world has lost a master!!!

  2. I own 6 out of the 9 Disney paintings of which I just recieved his latest (Little Mermaid) on Thursday. My wife and I were looking forward to the remaining 3 he was due to complete his contract with Disney. What a talent lost.

  3. He was a talentless hack. I don’t wish that he died, but I did wish that he’d just stop painting. Also, he was horrible to his workers.

  4. I was lucky enough to go to the Kinkade Gallery in Ft Worth TX last March and very nearly perchased a print of his there but didn’t have enough money, I wish I had gone for now. The gallery gave me 3 kinkade post cards with Disney scenes on them. My daughter has a night light with the snow white scene. His work is incredible. May he rest in peace.

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