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Sarah Johnson Carter

If you can't find Sarah Johnson Carter dancing on her own personal dance floor at @SarahJCarter, she's watching "Judge Judy" to keep her law degree from getting too rusty.

Driven. “Dancing With the Stars” Finale.

The man was on a mission to win the mirrorball trophy. His determination could not be stopped. Beating out the technically brilliant Katherine and Mark, Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd were crowned champions of the ballroom on last night’s “Dancing With the Stars” finale. After… Read More »Driven. “Dancing With the Stars” Finale.

Oh, Urkel. Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results Show

The results show began with Maria and Derek performing an encore of their perfect-scoring paso doble. Katherine and Mark, Donald and Peta, and William and Cheryl were put out of their misery early and declared safe. After an extremely emotional AT&T Spotlight Performance, Gavin DeGraw returned… Read More »Oh, Urkel. Dancing With the Stars Week 7 Results Show