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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcasts Review 4-27-10

We look at a lot of West Coast centric podcasts this time, as well as many dicussions based on the movie Pinocchio and even a WDW trip report from this past year’s Christmas. Mouse Comedy (iTunes) Episode #74 Tairy’s ‘Back’ from surgery (and we’re glad… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcasts Review 4-27-10

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-9-10

We are all looking for ways to get the most out of our vacations to Disney Parks. From pre-trip planning, to utilizing strollers, or even attempting to experience everything the Magic Kingdom has to offer in just one day, the advice in these podcasts is indeed… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-9-10

Mickey Heads Disney Podcast Review-April Fool’s Edition

The Disney podcast community loves April Fool’s Day. And 2010 will go down as a banner year to be ‘had’ by your favorite podcasters. Following is a list of many of the noteworthy recordings that we had to second guess: Mouse Guest Weekly– (iTunes) The… Read More »Mickey Heads Disney Podcast Review-April Fool’s Edition

Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-23-10

Waltcast (iTunes) Episode #33 You have heard the list of names for the Flower Power Concert series, planned for the Flower and Garden Festival. They help you recall who the performers are by playing clips of their most popular songs. But the amusing part is when Katie and Shawn try to discuss who these musicians are. They as well share why they love The Princess and the Frog so much, spotlighting the fantastic music of the movie.

WDW Radio (iTunes) Episode #160 March 7, 2010 Interviews with Don Hahn and Peter Schneider focus on the 1980’s renaissance of animation in the Disney Company, and their roles in this special period. It is interesting to note the various people that combined to make a ‘perfect storm’ of creativity at the time. Their movie Waking Sleeping Beauty focuses on archival footage of that time, and sounds to be a must see!  Definitely, the passion for excellence is clearly transmitted by these two men, and we are honored to get a glimpse behind the magic.

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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-16-10

Editor: Alas, I totally missed Shawn’s post from last week. My apologies. Here it is now.  We’ll work it out so none of these are missed in the future. Disney Indiana (iTunes) Episode #43 Make mine Music-The 60’s Tracey and Scott share their top 5… Read More »Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-16-10

Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-12-10

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode #393 March 2, 2010 Collected Short Subjects-In the Honey I Shrunk the Audience attraction, do they try to ‘push’ the startle moments that take away from the overall attraction? How does ‘the Imagination institute’ tie in to the movie? And what do… Read More »Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-12-10