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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-14-10

Since many of us could not join the WDW Today crew at TentFest, we want to hear all about it, and they share their experiences with us. Also the iPad was released recently and of course our podcasters thoughts turn to how they can integrate it into their Disney life. And with April being Autism awareness month, we have firsthand experience of how Disney helps these families to have an enjoyable time in their parks.

Discast Episode #29 April 1, 2010 (iTunes) Is Marc renewing his D23 membership? What are the reasons why or why not? He also highlights the iPhone app of the week. And  Marc attempts to stay away from iPad news, but that’s not possible is it?

Episode #30 April 5, 2010 Marc welcomes back Kyle Duffield to the podcast. Right away Kyle reveals why he renewed his D23 and will do so for the foreseeable future. They also have their very first contest, entitled ‘guess the song’. (If you have dead air here, you will need to download the episode again)  Next a roundtable converses on what technology they would like to see Disney utilizing. Such items come up like: Mobile Magic, property wide Wi-Fi, ideas related to virtual queuing systems, RFID and augmented reality apps.

Those Darn Cats (iTunes) Episode #98 Even More Listener Feedback!! You know that you can’t throw out ideas to change attractions or music to get married by without a plethora of listener comments! In regards to remusic-ing Rock ‘N’ Roller coaster, KISS, U2 and other less noteworthy groups have their 30 seconds of debate. And music to wedding by elicited similar response throwing into the mix: Illuminations, Wishes, music from Enchanted and others (only $800.00 for 12 songs LOL).

The Disunplugged (iTunes) 4/07/10 Marty Sklar Interview, Flying Fish Dining Review Following the latest gruesome news with a local take, David Parfitt interviews Marty Sklar about Herb Ryman and the Ryman Arts Foundation. Herbie, as he was affectionately referred to, was really relied upon by Walt for his ability to convey visually what Walt saw in his mind. It was so engaging to hear another great part of Disney history! The Flying Fish restaurant is reviewed, and overall seemed to have some good mouth watering aspects and some bad (limited children’s menu) as well. But the overall impression we are left with is to stick with the appetizers.

The Disney Dudes (iTunes) Episode #42 They start with a fitting tribute to Fess Parker. But the real meat of this episode is the beginning details to Trace’s recent Airtran airline experiences around the country. I followed some of this real time on twitter, but now hearing firsthand the chain of events, really makes an impact! The lack of customer service, the misdirection, being left behind by the plane and even the hotel bus, and the public cussing by employees all lead to a great listen, even with the adult language.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #700 Yesterland Fantasyland– Attractions no longer with us today. Do you remember 20,000 leagues under the Sea or Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride? What besides Mickey Mouse Musical Revue was located where Philharmagic is now?

Episode #701 Listener questions In WDW today style, we get answers to such questions: What is the best place to have a wedding on property? How can a single traveler meet up with others in the parks? What is the best way to get from WDW to the Universal resorts? Do they think Disney would ever build a park like Yesterland, where extinct attractions could live once again? Is River Country in a ready state where it could open at any moment? What is the future for Marvel?  Can you redeem day old or older Fast Passes? And one thing that also stood out- another reason to get the Victoria Secret catalog, for good walking shoes!

Episode #702 Safety at WDW With the recent high profile transportation accidents, the crew discusses the need to be vigilant while on property, and how no one wants to associate WDW with a tragedy! Statistically, what is safer: walking from the Contemporary or riding the monorail? The answer may surprise you! Are these accidents avoidable, either by the operator or the guest? Has the media overhyped these incidents? And how do the castmembers view recent events? Concluding with the question on everyone’s mind: Are these a direct result of recent budget cutbacks?

2010 WDW Today TentFest Who knows the meaning of the word Tent fest? It is not RV fest! Part of campsite number includes 911, which as we hear, seems appropriate! With their water front view, the reminder is given to run in a zig-zag to out run the alligators. The standard fare of Jiffy Pop and the Smores is served up with the query: How can you make Smores in the woods, surrounded by trees, when you forgot the sticks? And are Smores made with Peeps considered animal cruelty? But in the end we do learn some things, such as: Did you know of the service that delivers, sets up and removes an RV for you? Yep it’s there! And did you know you could sleep 10 people on one campsite? Well you can!

Episode #703 TentFest Recap (Live) They reveal right away that the real fun started after their last show concluded, when it got COLD (Brrrrrr). The mental image of Matt inside his sleeping bag with his leather coat on is too hilarious. Even the Grooler (It’s a Grill and a cooler!)could not warm  them up. We feel for our crew as they talk of condensation inside the tents that would rain on you as you moved inside the tents, living next to that swamp and constantly fearing the gators. And to add insult to injury, the noisy RV heater would start up periodically, rubbing it in that others close by were warm and comfy. Waking up in morning uttering caveman grunts, packing the tents and retreating to various warm spots is the only way to finish such an (Ahem) enjoyable time.

Episode #704 Listener questions-Where are subs from 20,000 leagues buried? We are also given a curious proposal idea utilizing the on ride photo to pop the question. Another question they ‘horse around’ with, focuses on the ‘mane’ topic of Fort Wilderness activities, with its horseback riding as well as the best way to get there from MK. Other requests involve: best burger on property, any non character breakfast on property, and whether or not anybody has gone to Paradiso 37. Is there any chance of riding Dumbo Christmas week, staying off property, thus missing early entry hours? Are guests allowed to sit up in the cab on the monorail with the driver yet? And the most thought provoking question: If you only had one final day at a Disney park ever (you know, because aliens are taking over the earth), what would you do?

Episode #705 Food vs. Atmosphere Is it good practice to have a restaurant where the atmosphere eclipses the food quality? Do Kids come first, with their enjoyment before the quality of the food? Our guest presents some Pro’s and Con’s of going to this type of restaurant. Do the dinner shows fall into this category? And is there a way to get a better quality meal at a dinner show? But what are the core issues here; could it involve inconsistencies between the chefs? Some might say, “I’m on vacation, I don’t care!”  While others have a renewed attitude, considering the poor economy, and are looking to get quality food for their money.

WaltCast (iTunes) Eddie Carroll Interview Listening to this again reminds us how important Eddie was to the Disney Company. He relates how he started with his first performance and the resulting stage fright, which motivated him to conquer this fear. It is also intriguing how from an early age he wanted to meet Jiminy Cricket, and ironically he became the voice of, for this generation. We get a small taste of the work that went into Disney’s standard that he sounded exactly like original voice. And in considering the life lost, we are left with a motivating message from Jiminy himself.

Episode #37 Shawn and Katie chat with Tom Corless of WDWNT. He tells of how he started in this whole podcasting thing, some of his favorites, as well his earliest memories in the parks. They all swap interviewing thoughts and connections, discussing the difficulty of accessing individuals within the company. Tom relates the diversity of WDWNT network and talks of future segments.

BetaMouse (iTunes) Episode #10 iPad, Disney, and other Geek Stuff Here we are introduced to the magical, beautiful, wonderful and inviting iPad! Who, on the panel, owns one? And for those who do not, what is the logic? Is it convenient enough to be used in the parks? Does it replace a labtop, for instance? And how about the lack of a camera, is that a deal breaker? How would you use one with a camera, and which way should that camera face? As usual, some well thought out ideas are presented for future use of this product by Disney. For instance: Adapting attractions based on input from the iPad, usage by the castmembers, or interactive mapping are all excellent thoughts that we look forward to see. And of course the iPad is a great place for the Lines app!

Mouse Travel Tips (iTunes) Episode #8 Visiting Disney’s Park with Autism and Snow White’s Scary Adventures I listened to this episode twice, not just because it’s nice and short, but because it is jam packed with useful information. Undoubtedly, you are aware that Ray and Rachel’s son has Autism, and they have helped the Disney community with their experience and knowledge in this area. So it is only fitting with Autism awareness month, that they devote a recording to this subject. They first define Autism, and how you cannot readily recognize this in an individual. But once notified, Disney steps right in and gives the needed assistance to make the trip special for all. And they have the heart wrenching story to prove it! Their sons’ favorite ride is Snow White’s Scary Adventures. With the context of this episode in mind they help us see what makes it stand out for him, and even some ways we can take a little of the ‘scary’ out of the attraction for our children. I would also like to refer you to their website with more information on this important subject at

Episode #9 Quick Service Dining, The Haunted Mansion, and the Colombia Harbour House Rachel sure makes us hungry, detailing some of the diversity of the quick service restaurants menus. After explaining what quick service dining is, she tells of some pro’s and con’s of using such, with some uh tips, so we can consider if they are what we are looking for once we are hungry, and maybe even save some money or dining credits. The Haunted Mansion, with some trivia to note, is highlighted. And the Columbia Harbour House restaurant with its popular menu and quiet, tucked away dining area round out this episode.