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Shawn Rees

Shawn is an avid lover of the Disney parks, with his first visit in 1997 to WDW. He is a family man with 3 teenage children, most of whom enjoy being able to travel to WDW, but are puzzled by their fathers addiction. As a truck driver, he may not seem to be the best authority in the community, but his work affords him opportunity to listen to many Disney podcasts. His desire is not to critique the various podcasts, but to highlight the content of each. You may be reminded of something funny you also heard, or be motivated to download for specific content. So the next time you’re in Massachusetts next to a big rig, and you see the driver with a big grin on his face, it’s probably Shawn listening to the latest Disney news or recording. (You can be sure it’s him by the Mickey Heads on the antennas)

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 7-11-10

With these 7.5 hours of podcasts, we look at the Disney Dining System, going Vegan, the Summer Nightastic on both coasts and we hear from Imagineer Bob Gurr. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.) Betamouse Episode #19 Disney Dining System Changes– They reference how… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 7-11-10

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review Westfest 2010

These podcasts share the Good (meeting old friends), the bad (rude guests) and the ugly (Bat’s Day) of Westfest for those of us that could not attend this grand event. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.) Disney Dudes Episode #44 Trace has to get… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review Westfest 2010

Mickey Heads – Disney Podcast Review 6-16-10

Jodi Benson (the voice of Ariel), an American Idol contestant and a former cast member all give us a unique look behind the scenes with these 13 hours of Disney Podcasts. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.) Dave’s Disney View My Cast Member Experience… Read More »Mickey Heads – Disney Podcast Review 6-16-10

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-26-10

Celebrating the new book Knott’s Preserved, an unbelievable California Adventures By Disney tour and an interview with Kelsey Grammer underscore these 12.5 hours of Disney podcasts. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.)

The Season Pass Episode #124 Preserved Part 1 Live from Knott’s Berry Farm, our crew has put out an exhaustive series of podcasts on the release of the book Knott’s Preserved with the lead writer Chris Merritt. Bob Gurr stops by and converses with the hosts; talk about a funny guy with an awesome memory! He tells of working for Walt and how he was able to get 10 hours out an 8 hour workday. And interestingly enough, he relates how Disneyland was the best thing to happen to Knott’s Berry Farm. Rolly Crump also shares his part in creating the dark ride Berry Tales utilizing many of his Disney connections. He also relates an amazing back story of designing an attraction for Dick Irvine and how he actually took scrap and made an attraction out of it. And he tells of the learning process of tricks, such as making rooms look bigger than they actually were. Even for a Disney fan, the process of making Knott’s from a charming roadside attraction to a full theme park is intriguing. And it is hilarious, at the same time a little unnerving to hear Walt Disney pumping Mr Knott for information, so he could better his own theme park.  And yet, competition from Disneyland made this park more innovative, forcing a plethora of changes over its many years. And many of those openings and closures brought back fond recollections that were shared with us.

Episode #125 Preserved Part 2 Continuing on at Knott’s Berry Farm or as they call it ‘amusement Park geek heaven’, they discuss Halloween Haunts with its history and latest installments. Again it is emphasized how Knott’s and Disney truly fed off each other. Tony Baxter noted he wanted his log flume ride to be different than Knott’s and that motivation gave us the Splash Mountain we enjoy today.  The charm and family atmosphere of the employees and guests is also noted as part of the success of Knott’s. And more deep seated memories are evoked of coming there as a child via school field trips, having run-ins with the schoolmarm and enjoying the authentic ghost town. And they also get to see some old press material in pristine form, showing the lasting love for this classic theme park.

Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-26-10

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-19-10

With Free Dining recently offered, the closing of Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and updates to Muppet Vision 3D, these 7.5 hours of podcasts provide us information we need on these changes to our favorite park. (Find your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes) Be Our… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-19-10

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-12-10

Changes we want to see come to The Carousel of Progess, changes coming to Toy Story Mania and changing our life by running the Disney Marathon are just a few of the topics discussed in these 9.5 hours of Disney Podcasts. WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #713 Listener… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-12-10

Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-6-10

We take a look at the Sinfully Delicious treats at WDW, find out details about the vast transportation network, and realize how our European guests view the restaurants of EPCOT found in these 7.5 hours of Disney Podcasts. Character Breakfast (iTunes) Episode #90 Kristen starts… Read More »Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-6-10

Mickey Heads-Podcast Review 4-30-10

The Voice of Walt Disney World, Earth Day and Ridley Pearson of the Kingdom Keepers book series headline this set of podcasts, representing about 8.5 hours of listening, that you are sure to enjoy. Mr Frank’s Wild Ride (iTunes) Episode #6 Kingdom Keepers book series is… Read More »Mickey Heads-Podcast Review 4-30-10