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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 4-12-10

Changes we want to see come to The Carousel of Progess, changes coming to Toy Story Mania and changing our life by running the Disney Marathon are just a few of the topics discussed in these 9.5 hours of Disney Podcasts.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #713 Listener Questions The team answers your inquiries regarding: avoiding embarrassing size issues at attractions, the loudness of the Hollywood Studios parades, and are men allowed in the Princess Marathon? Is Disney weaning discounts with the latest free dining offer? They also get more Magic Music days experiences. What is the best park for ladies who love Star Wars? How is the availability of the DVC resorts for cash paying guests? Is there a diner with cheap but good eats nearby? Is it pushing it with an 11:50AM touchdown, to a have 1:30 ADR? And finally, what’s that smell? Is there BBQ at DHS?

Discast (iTunes) Episode #31 The first segment, Distalk, focuses on the upcoming D23 Flowers and Fireworks event. It’s interesting to hear the thoughts of a member and a non member discussing D23. But, what really takes the cake is the bonus vintage retro-technology vinyl recording of the Mickey Mouse March. And a staple of the Discast, the latest Apple News and the ‘forgotten new iPhone’ left in a bar.

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode #403 April 29, 2010 A Tribute to Eddie Carroll Steven Ing describes this featured interview as stimulating. And we can quickly see why. We hear more on how Eddie originally got into the business. It’s always intriguing to hear the background stories of these classics. Like how Jiminy Cricket of Pinocchio, was not originally supposed to be such a large character, but Walt wanted him to be believable and not just character relief. Even talk of the time period of the movie, how the nation was looking for hope, helps us to see the motivation of the characters. He also shares details of his alter ego, Jack Benny. And how Jack Benny could stay in public’s eye for 40 years. Next, a listener gives accolades to an outstanding Disneyland tram spieler. And the Twitter/Facebook poll ponders our favorite video game.

All About the Mouse (iTunes) Episode#159 Disney Apps An App-ril discussion about Apps. There are so many to choose from: to watch TV shows, read books, make crafts, drive virtual cars; and they share their preferred apps. They are all from Disney, and mostly designed for the iPad and the iPhone.  Disney fairies, wait times, show times, there are apps for them all. But they call out Disney for not having the ultimate app—find out actual wait times, book dining, read menus and book rooms all from one app.  But they want to know what apps we use, as we also use their suggestions.

Be Our Guest (iTunes) Episode #225 Adventure By Disney Is it for everyone, from young to old? Even with the references to zip-lining and white water rafting the answer to that question is a resounding YES!  The knowledgeable, passionate, experienced guides, the special events for the kids, the bonding of fellow travelers and the resulting friendships that last long after the trip, make ABD a trip to get excited about.  Seeing a volcano out your back door, toucans, and sloths up close are just unbelievable! They convey that many travel with Disney because they would never think of traveling to these places on their own. And I was taken aback to hear what they took away from this vacation in addition to photos and videos, strengthened family bonds. This is definitely not an every year event, but we are reminded not to discredit the price of these vacations and are encouraged to look for discounts.

Mousetalgia (iTunes) Episode #79 This begins with their worst experiences at the park; pooped on by ducks and sullying the DL hotel hallway. They visit Knott’s Berry Farm for the release of friend Chris Merritt’s book about this park that actually predates Disneyland. The Boysenberries, the chicken dinners, all make up highlights of Knott’s history. And to show how bucolic this park really is, they relate a rather comical story how their stagecoach was overrun by bees. But, the detailed history of this park including its organic evolution is of interest to us lovers of Disney. The friendly rivalry between Mr. Knott and Walt Disney only forced innovations that we appreciate even today. Actually they blow the bubble that Disneyland had influences from Knott’s, and not how we originally viewed all that Walt did was unique. Next, a magazine article from the first person perspective shares the grand opening of Disneyland. Describing Walt’s ‘people trap’ in a negative way, truly revealed the overwhelming success of the park in its early days.

Northern Mouse (itunes) Episode #55  Running to the Magic/Around the World in A Day The highlight of this established podcast is a new segment prepping us for the upcoming Walt Disney World Marathon.  For anybody considering this prized goal, they start with the basics of running. Such things are considered like having the correct footwear, and possessing some of the basic terminology. And they want to hear if we are interested in hearing more, so let them know. The bulk of this show is given to live unedited audio recording of EPCOT, featuring the Mexico and Japan pavilion.

Betamouse (iTunes) Episode #14 Carousel of Progress We’ve been there. Our theater turns to reveal an antiquated almost hilarious final scene in the CoP. Our Betamouse band bothered to come up with some solutions. First off what it needs is a flying orb! And adjusting the Christmas tree lights? Isn’t that just one step away from a clapper? And that TV, really why is it not an LCD? You know that an iPad had to rear its ugly head, and they have some ideas that really cook in the kitchen. Oh and speaking of that kitchen, where is the double convection oven? Henry secret desire is revealed: to grow yams and share his yam growing techniques with others on the many yam blogs/websites. And also, could you throw in a robot, a Roomba or something? And don’t even get them started about the video game! Finally, Darth Chaney has an awesome idea that had me thinking for quite a while afterwards.

Trapped on Vacation (iTunes) Episode #128 Trapped in the First of May Archives There are not many things in life that you can really count on. Having a Trapped on Vacation podcast on May 1 is one of those things! This classic episode looks back at some great Trapped moments. Audio of The Circle of Life from the Land pavilion (not too close to the velour curtains, to be sure), the land boat ride (or Willy Wonka’s tunnel), and the Jurassic park Discovery Center at Universal Studios, where Earl combines his DNA with a dinosaur (we always knew he had unstable DNA). And the piece de resistance, Jonathan Coultan’s First of May song. This ‘not for kids’ song really makes me want to run outside and enjoy all that spring has to offer! LOL

Disneyland news Today (iTunes) Episode #17 Our team begins with the Neverland conversation about Port Disney to have been located on Long Beach. The Oceanarium, the Theme Park, the hotels are all out of our reach today. But we are soon told of the many things that held up this project and combined to eventually put the kibosh on the whole idea. Speculating, they indicate how Disney Parks as we know it would have been drastically changed for good. And they throw in a jab for those that now suffer as a result of its demise. But some of the elements, they do look familiar. Could it be that some of the design elements were incorporated into other parks? And even with the positive power of wishes, do they think this will ever be built? Next, with this week in Disney History, they look at the opening of the Tower of Terror at DCA. They make no bones about it, compared to WDW, this attraction comes up short. Oh, it not to say it does have its particular elements which make this attraction stand out. However, it is touted to be the attraction that seems to be the turning point for the resurrection of DCA. Concluding this episode is the DL events calendar.

Those Darn Cats (iTunes) Episode #102 Updates to Toy Story Midway Mania Didn’t they just open Toy Story Mania, like 5 minutes ago? This opening line expresses how many of us feel hearing the news that our favorite attraction is already changing. And yet other attractions in need of repair (YETI) lay unfixed. But in true Cat and Whatchamacallit fashion, they do throw out some other witty ways to plus TSM. And probing even further they query: why are there electric outlets in the queue? Yes this podcast just wants to know WHY? Tell me why?

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