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Disney sells Power Rangers back to Saban

In one hand Disney holds over 5,000 new characters acquired when it purchased Marvel Entertainment, in the other the Power Ranger brand. The power rangers were like the cherry on the top of the sundae that was the Fox Family channel purchase. Sweet, but not a core part of the new brand.

Disney hasn’t really done anything with the Power Rangers since it made the purchase. They appear on some merchandise, do a meet and greet at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (where they stood out like a sore thumb, btw), and live in re-runs on TV. Apparently this was too much for Haim Saban to take.

Saban bought the Power Rangers lock stock and barrel, every episode, every branding right, etc. This means they’ll probably vanish from the parks and shelves shortly. We can hope at least. Look for Marvel character meet and greets to take their place shortly.