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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-6-10

We take a look at the Sinfully Delicious treats at WDW, find out details about the vast transportation network, and realize how our European guests view the restaurants of EPCOT found in these 7.5 hours of Disney Podcasts.

Character Breakfast (iTunes) Episode #90 Kristen starts off with a dining review of Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. She shares the common concern many have with this restaurant, inconsistencies! Between an enjoyable lunch and a dinner with riddled with issues such as undercooked pasta and an inattentive waiter, we share her concerns about eating here again. The next segment: Disney Technology and you, looks at how we use technology to enhance our vacation. They ask: What ever happened to pal Mickey? They also detail the trip planning websites, software, radio stations and even Ustream to get you in mood for your trip. And who hasn’t planned a faux trip, just for the thrill of the preparation?  Apps for Smart phones are referenced, with a review of one they have been trying out. They comment on its ability to post wait times, help you to find your parked car, and even play games to pass the time in line. But what does Disney do so you can keep those phones charged and thus be able to utilize these apps?  And with the technology evolving so rapidly, why does it cost so much for wired internet in your room?

The Adventures of a Teenage Disney Geek (iTunes) Episode #67 Adventures Joining a Party, A Castle Party Starting early in the day, we join our intrepid park goers entering the Magic Kingdom. Listening with headphones, you can just feel the excitement at the sounds of the park as they begin their day.  We are thrilled with the Main Street horse Trolley, and its clip-clop, with the background the castle forecourt show in progress. Waving at passersby, we are also saying “good morning everyone!” You can even hear the environment transition as they move to Tomorrowland. We relate only too well to a family discussion about whether or not to get in line, asking is it too long? Walking right on to Buzz Lightyear we experience the glee of scoring and the agony of a missed shot. Only to exit to the highlight of this episode, we experience the castle party “where dreams really do come true!”

All About the Mouse (iTunes) Episode #158 Sinfully Delicious Treats of WDW Breaking down the nutritional information of many of our favorite treats, we respond that we already know these items are not good for us. We are stabbed to the heart to hear details regarding the turkey leg, the No Way Jose, the Kitchen Sink, the ice cream cookie sandwich, the Carrot Cake Cookie and the many varieties of fudge.  Isn’t it true that calories don’t count in WDW? Is it not the Bermuda Triangle of calories? But what is the rationale that our panel uses to allow them to divulge in these delicacies?  And yet they propose another quest for us to try: Fried Dough’s around the World. Or even attempting to try all of the diverse Crème Brule’s on property. Is there a need for anything else at breakfast when there is Tonga Toast with strawberry Compote? They even talk about decadent dining experiences on a whole, such as Hoop-de-Do Revue, Shula’s Restaurant, Kouzinna, Cape May Clambake Buffett or even the Hot Fresh donut at Typhoon Lagoon. These are all so mouth watering to us, but have motivated others to immortalize these offerings via odes.

WDW Today (iTunes) Episode #712 Recent Reader Resort Reviews With reader rankings provided for the Unofficial Guide, many interesting results appear, some times even anomalies, that on the surface are unexplainable. So they discuss detailed questions that search for more accurate responses, and the results of those specific lines of questions. One interesting response relates to the disparity between the questions of would you stay there again and would you recommend it to your friends?  Another intriguing result shows the reactions of many people to the recession. What concessions are people making to still enjoy a trip to WDW?

Disneyland News Today (iTunes) Episode #15 With a review of the Disney Studios tour, they discuss if it is worth the money. They further share the highlights with the special person that they met as a climax of the tour. But also they converse about some of the disappointments; specifically some of the things they wish were part of the tour. But the standout, overriding difficulty was in just obtaining the tickets in the first place. The 1964 World’s Fair and the attractions that Walt built are focused on next. The diversity, the short period of time to design and assemble, and Walt’s high standards, all contributed to the genesis of many of our beloved attractions. To hear the stories behind this time in Disney history is always fascinating! To conclude, the results of the March Madness Attraction Tournament are given along with an interview with the winner.

WEDWay Radio (iTunes) Episode #41 A Look at WDW Transportation Where else are you going to find ferries, monorails, trains and busses all synchronized,  working in complete efficiency, but at Walt Disney World? Matt and Nate (the new Mongello’s) spotlight the various modes of transportation that we most likely take for granted. If we usually take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, they share a reason why we might want to take the ferry next time. And how were the ferry boats named in the first place? They further relate how the futuristic retro Ticket and Transportation Center really takes them back to memories of their youth. How awesome would it have been to ride the EPCOT monorail, before that park ever opened! We also are reminded of the combination of an attraction and transportation aboard the Friendship boats around the World Showcase Lagoon. And around the property, the various boat launches, the thrilling trams and the elaborate bus system all travel seamlessly for well-organized transportation of guests. But they also throw out some transportation ideas they would like to see utilized, some comical, some realistic.

Eye On Orlando Episode#28 Eating around World Showcase Starting with Canada our European travelers go underground to Le Cellier and wonder if the popularity of this restaurant is based on the food or the hype promulgated on the internet. And of course, we are interested in their take on the UK pavilion, especially the well loved Fish and Chips. They also give their thoughts on France and its underrated offerings. We are surprised at which place has the best Moroccan food, as we’re hoping that place includes a belly dancer. They express near outrage, as do we, of the poor contribution the USA pavilion has representing the diverse cuisine of our great nation. Italy’s latest eating choices; do they replicate the earlier well liked restaurants? They are split on their opinion of Germany and its authentic cooking, generous beers and boisterous atmosphere. Even Chinese food is common overseas, so do they value the offerings at the China pavilion? Does Norway with its heavy cream bases and fish oriented meals strike their fancy?  Finally, Mexico surprisingly strikes it big with its incredible food and ambiance. Boy am I stuffed!