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World of Color Merchandise Concept Art

Joey Ellis, who we’ve highlighted here in the past, reveals some artwork he designed for the “World of Color” show coming to California Adventure. That’s pretty cool by itself, but he’s also posted some of his early attempts at the design. The evolution from those early ideas to the final one is interesting.

Also, I think I see a new character on there. I’ll admit I haven’t been following the shows development that closely, I want to be surprised the first time I see it. I’m assuming this is a new creation for World of Color. Anybody know?

7 thoughts on “World of Color Merchandise Concept Art”

  1. I didn’t see him in the artwork (but there was a lot to see!), but there’s a new character called Little Squirt who will be in the show.

  2. Amy’s right – there’s a new character called squirt. He’s located in the middle of the first picture (he looks like a yellow waterdrop). From my many visits to Blue Sky Cellar, I’ve learned he is going to be the “host” of the show.

  3. ^ I was all excited to see him, thanks to Molly Mouse’s post, but it seems that the artist took the artwork down…? :(

  4. rumor on some chat boards was that Mr Iger and others were not happy with some kind of artwork associated with the merchandise and they had to scrap everything. It did not specify whether this particular artist was one of the issue – but since the art is down who knows? also, since the show is not public yet, maybe he did not have the rights to post the art.

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