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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review Westfest 2010

These podcasts share the Good (meeting old friends), the bad (rude guests) and the ugly (Bat’s Day) of Westfest for those of us that could not attend this grand event. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.)

Disney Dudes Episode #44 Trace has to get this off his chest! Thanks to him, we have been vindicated from the Brazilian Tour group people! You have got to hear this story of camera flashing gone wild on Pirates! As a result, he now is referred to as ‘El Disney Amigo Diablo’ (The Disney Dude Devil). It is an understatement to say he is sick and tired of rude guests and he’s not going to take it anymore!  We are not sure if this is a result of when Trace turned 41 and had men-o-pause becoming a grumpy old man, but we are with him in this revolution. Also included in this episode is ‘The better marriage blanket‘and some private Disney talk from 2 famous Disney personalities.

The Meandering Mouse Episode #99.5 Westfest 2010 Disneyland Meandering Staying at the Grand Californian, Jeff and his many friends tour the Disneyland Resort following most of the Westfest activities. He reels from meeting his old friends and making new ones during this trip to the west coast. The free entertainment of the Bats Day participants is recalled with the amazing, even sexy and some downright ghetto scary costumes. And meandering with Jeff means some adult, yet immature, but always side-splitting fun. Riding along on the subs with Nemo, we are pointed to the fish super-glued to the rocks, the KY jellyfish, and the hopes that the whale had its fiber today. That is the humor found here! And I haven’t even talked about the ride along on Small World, you have to give it a listen for yourself.

The 3 CaballerosEpisode #18 This group discussion recalling Westfest, looks at the many different experiences of our hosts. They casually look at the various lodging and value of, one even checking out of their accommodation to get a better hotel. They reference flight issues, primarily in the customer service arena, and the flight descent with RALPH. How about In and Out Burger?-Ah it’s all right. Treading on dangerous territory, they do discuss whether or not Disneyland is a better park with better attractions as compared to Walt Disney World. But don’t worry; this is not a serious conclusive analysis, just the caballeros chatting. But one comment struck a cord with me: that DL feels like a local hangout rather than a vacation destination.

Beyond Main Street Episode #60 In You Ears Experience – Lou, in this audio podcast relates how much fun it is to catch up with old online friends. He even talks of his plans for next Westfest. While he was not able to record a lot of audio, he did see Captain EO twice in his trip and gives us this great audio of the attraction. You know you want to listen to this, filmed before Michael went ‘ugly.’

Episode #85 (Video) From Lou packing his two pairs of shorts for a three and a half day trip through to finishing the day under the lights at DCA, we get to see all this Westfest goodness. With the initial enthusiasm of arriving at the Disneyland, Lou takes us along a whirlwind tour of many favorite attractions. Starting with Alice, The Pirates of the Caribbean and then ‘getting his Pooh on’, he filmed it all! Throw in some Dapper Dan’s and then a review of his accommodations at The Best Western Anaheim and we’re left wishing we tagged along to this great event.

Episode #86 (Video) Arriving at the opening of DCA, Lou is all afire for what the day will bring. First he shows the DPN Meet and Greet, then the Toy Story Mania Meet and after a ‘happy belly’ heads back to Disneyland showing sweeping panoramas and interesting sights as he travels and eventually takes us on the many waters of the Jungle Cruise. And finally back to DCA, he takes us on the stimulating, and exhilarating Flik’s Fliers. And with a child found in Monstropolis, we see the ensuing hilarity riding Monsters Inc.

Those Darn Cats Episode #104 Disneyland Trip Report From the barren land of Fort Worth to touchdown and hitting the shops, this episode details Lisa and trace’s trip to Westfest.  Festivities at the DPN dorm and The Lost Bar kick off the fest. Lisa shares her thoughts on whether or not it is best to stay on property. We hear of Starbucks inconsistencies, missing Jennifer’s flowing locks in Lisa’s hair on Matterhorn, and of big Cinnamon buns. Lisa finds the Space Mountain of her dreams. And they ride on Alice, even though the iPhone app does not work with the attraction.  However, they do find a little Disney Magic on Peter Pan. The agonizing wait for Captain EO attendees leads to more shopping. And looking for an outlet, Lisa makes sure we understand that it is an actual, not figurative outlet, she is looking for. Evaluating Indiana Jones, Trace shows himself to be a little Disney Fundamentalist (DF) as he points out hidden features of attraction. Trace meeting Michael Broggie, shopping, love for Screamin’, the freakish Animation Building, Nachos with the eye of Mara are just a few of the zany tales of this cat and her beau. And yet we hear of another report of a rude guest ruining a highly anticipated picture from the tower of Terror.

Micecast Another Westfest Wrap Up-This report starts long before the Westfest festivities with a tour of LA. Seeing the Gamble House, the bridge from Roger Rabbit, and visiting the original Animation Studios are just a fraction of the fun before the fest. It is truly remarkable to hear where a lot of the TV shows and movies location shots are filmed. And then on to the Jimmy Kimmel Live backstage and green room. Another view of the Lost Bar meet is related. And unfortunately even some problems gaining entry into park with the swag and equipment. Some of our attendees were even detained, released or even denied entry. The Rabble Rousers Meet was recalled and even more inconsistencies with security revealed. Yet Mickey’s Fun Wheel ride only had a few newbie hiccups. Even the DPN banquet was not glitch free, with Poor drink service, and a difficult radio link up with excruciatingly poor video quality. Yet the multimedia presentations, the Stand Up Skippers, and Guitar Hero made for a enjoyable evening.

Skurvy Monkeys Episodes 65.5, 66 You know the monkeys had some of the most well attended meets, and these episodes share with us the adult goodness that accompanied these meets. If you just can’t get enough Westfest, and you can tolerate the explicit language, these are my final picks for Westfest audio.

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