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Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 7-11-10

With these 7.5 hours of podcasts, we look at the Disney Dining System, going Vegan, the Summer Nightastic on both coasts and we hear from Imagineer Bob Gurr. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.)

Betamouse Episode #19 Disney Dining System Changes– They reference how this new dining system has broader capabilities, is quicker and has actually met a lot of the demands of our panel. Taking a step back for a moment, they reason on whether or not the need to panic in making reservations is really necessary. Is it reasonable to expect that there may actually be more availability than the prevalent hype suggests? Could you, for instance, find a restaurant that had openings even tomorrow?  Though they also applaud the addition of restaurant menus, they note that not all establishments have this added feature. And utilizing PDF files for these menus left the crew scratching their collective heads. But a standout facet of this system is the ability to choose restaurants taking into consideration their adaptability to various allergens. All told, this dining system now is going to bring out the maniac is each of us as we strive for that coveted Le Cellier reservation. However, we should note that there always is the Nate Parrish plan if none of this works for you.

Running to Disney Two Vegans Chat about Food Inc. and Earthlings We who follow Gordon on his quest to run in the Disney Goofy’s Race and a Half Marathon in 2011 knew this day would come. Oh he said in the past he wasn’t, but we knew the day would dawn when he would announce he was a vegan. Don’t get me wrong, he’s not THAT VEGAN, holding his nose high above the rest of us food sinners. But he has changed his lifestyle in many ways. And a look at this ‘transformation’ for lack of a better term was an interesting listen, even for us Disney fanatics. So many of us, as we mature, go through changes in our preferences, and even our priorities vary based on our experiences. Many of us are just not willing to make such a giant modification in our life as this. And yet Gordon and his guest Jake refer to two ‘wake up’ movies that just might help change our mind. Food Inc. and Earthlings help to bridge the disconnect between the average consumer, and where their food actually comes from. That’s really all I want to say about this, except if your curiosity is even the slightest bit elevated, you might want to give this non preachy cast a listen, it might just change your life for the better.

WDWNT Episode #148 and DLNT Episode #23 Summer Nightastic Podcast Spectacular With the combined forces of WDWNT and DLNT we take a deep look at the Summer Nightastic promotion from both coasts. This is where you will hear your first raves about the Tower of terror changes. While the predominate opinion is that the Tower changes were for the worst, our team points out the details that cause them to give it a thumbs up. But Glowfest, for what it is, does not fare so well. With some fairly insightful dialogue they do key in to what Disney is trying to do, particularly in WDW. Are they trying to compete with Harry Potter, or is there a different agenda. Is the thinking ‘go play at Universal for the day, but come back and enjoy the nights at Disney?’ Finally no ‘Podcast Spectacular” would be whole without audio of the many offerings. So enjoy audio of the classic Main Street Electrical Parade and a hilarious ride on the Tower of Terror. Next we travel out to the left coast to the Mecca of this nighttime special, where it all began, Disneyland. There the Carnival of Colors receives a critical eye, with the thought that it is just a time killer to keep the crowds calm, waiting for the Big World of Color show. Hearing from the imagineers and others who shaped this show reveals some interesting details. One example that stood out to me was the ‘happy accidents’ or great unexpected effects, that they experienced testing this elaborate show, some of which were actually added to the final design. Also appreciating that new animation was added to classic sequences to complete the scenes displays the depth of expertise put into this instant hit. And finally, we get to hear the opening ceremony and recording of the World of Color show. While this episode clocks in at 3 ½ hours, I point to it as a definitive look at these limited time offerings, whether or not we are able to experience them this summer.

Character Breakfast Episode #94 Can you believe that someone actually thinks that the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have the same economic impact on Central Florida as did the opening of the Magic Kingdom in 1971? While our Character Breakfast posse did not originate this erroneous thought, they do discuss this (calling it Poop) along with other recent news items. With their featured segment, the gang next looks at the World of Color show, wondering other uses of the technology, maybe for, oh I don’t know, Fantasmic. But is this where Disney parks is heading, anticipating that this new type of show is actually cheaper in the long run, since it uses less fire but more pressurized water and compressed air? And finally, since Disney is not the hub of the world, the squad chats about attractions off property like the beach where the jammers are, Waffle Houses, and places you can get 18 shirts for a dollar.

Be Our Guest Episode #238 taking People to WDW Who “Don’t Get the Magic” Whether it is a relative or a friend, we most likely will help plan a trip or even travel along with ones that just don’t get it. This cast helps us to see a part of their world and opens up a chance to indoctrinate them, in the right way, to end up loving Disney as much as we do. First with planning, how much do we involve them in? They jokingly shout out scenarios such as throwing down the Unofficial Guide in front of them and then quizzing them on the dimensions of the rooms at various resorts, or waking them so they can enjoy the thrill of making 5:00 AM ADR’s for Le Cellier. There is a better way, and they have some ideas to ease these ones into an enjoyable trip. How about once we are there, in the parks, what is the touring pace that will help them to see the magic? Or how about when we witness frazzled guests? Should we approach them and attempt to provide some assistance? Or how do we determine that they are just not worthy of such guidance? We know the result of them eventually enjoying this aspect of our lives, and just think if everybody ‘got the magic’ what a world we would have.

The Season Pass Episode #130 The Bob Gurr Interview My ears perk up when I hear Bob Gurr speak. He has such great stories and an immaculate memory! And this interview does not fail to deliver. He spoke of his early days at the happening Art Center designing cars, or should I say styling cars. Yes, we chuckle today imagining being called a car stylist. Eventually he crossed paths with Walt Disney, and was put to work in the unique fashion of the early company. Meaning, he was working on multiple projects at one time, without tedious committee meetings, testing and adjusting attractions on the fly, always adapting to new ideas and concepts. I love the comparison of Walt’s leadership to a pull-chain. And Bob insists that through all this they weren’t setting out to design new technologies, but make the various items they were working on operate properly and to do the best they could. It wasn’t until looking back later did they realize the impact of what they accomplished. I find it remarkable that something like Buck Rogers or even a candy apple influenced the design of some of our favorite attractions even today. Truly worth a listen, but be prepared to be in awe as you are amused by this podcast.

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