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Oswald Bonanza

A veritable bonanza of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit posters over at Greenbriar. He also tells the tale of how ‘unlucky’ Oswald was for Disney.

Ub Iwerks tried to warn Disney that Mintz was poaching his artists, but Walt wouldn’t believe it. The roof eventually fell with plots revealed and Disney too late to reverse Mintz’s machinations. All of Walt’s best talent was purloined, save Iwerks and beginner Les Clark. They would go off now to Mintz’s workshop and create further Oswalds sans Disney supervision. Animators Hugh Harmon, Friz Freleng, and Ham Hamilton felt justified bailing harsh policies Disney had instituted. Their boss, however, would never get past their betrayal. Walt’s heart was hardened and I’d imagine people who knew him before and after the ordeal would say a new man was forged upon the caldron of a stolen Oswald and staff to draw him.

But it was lucky, for we never would have seen Mickey Mouse if Oswald hadn’t been stolen from Walt.

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